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@TracyRedAngel LL takes more than just the L$10 upload fee for a business - you still have to pay rent to someone inworld - even IF you 'own' land - you still pay rent. Also, consider SL Marketplace, LL takes a percentage of EVERY sale there.
Possibly Oculus Rift related?
OK, there is a far cheaper solution - I use Splashtop, which does the same thing, except you access your own desktop computer running SL. If you want to access it from outside your own local network there is a subscription fee of $1.99/month for the personal use plan. Splashtop is VERY fast and carries audio channel as well. The iPad client has arrow keys for moving your SL avatar about. The iPad app is fairly inexpensive (as all are) and the streaming server (for your computer) is free.
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Mar 7, 2014