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Arch, I enjoyed your March 18 blog. Maybe a better title would be, "A Trillionth of A Trillionth of A Trillionth of a... What?" You say, "No known laws of physics can explain how this works..." I would continue this way... because the laws have no context at T=negative anything. They are meaningless--indeed, when there is no time, energy, or mass they do not exist. When there is no time, energy, or mass, all the terms within these laws vanish. The "void" includes the non-existence of laws. They are a void along with all the other voidness. "Laws" has the sound of being eternal, but the "laws of physics" are not eternal. Only God is. The notion that we can apply laws that God created and controls to an era/not (a void) where God had not created them is preposterous. For physicists to presume to speak authoritatively based on "laws of physics" on something, even if it is trillionth of a trillionth of a trillionth... (add as many of-a-trillionths as you like) of something we now call a second, when seconds (i.e. time) does not even exist yet is non-sensical. God could have conceived of an infinite set of different potential "laws of physics" and then snapped our set into existence when he declared, "Let there be light." and established T=0. Consider this, the heart of the laws of physics lies in continuity. But the act of creating T=0 is a most supreme discontinuity. Yet God made that discontinuity discoverable. That discontinuity declares something far greater than the puny "laws of physics." It declares the activity of a law maker, a law giver, indeed the maker of the universe. Einstein recognized this when he derived the theory of general and special relativity, which required a T=0. While that T=0 event is a pretty simple concept that got popularly named "the big bang" theory, it is incredible just how many different "big bang" theories there are floating around. The one you speak of it just one in a long list. Obvious as it is that the God of the Bible, the great "cause", must exist and be responsible for this T=0 event, like those dry bones spoken of in Ezekiel, apart from God doing again a special work and creating faith in a believer, people (including very bright physicists) can buzz around intellectually with this fascination and still repress the obvious truth of God's existence and activity. Praise to Him for opening our eyes. Praise Him for calling us to "preach to all the dry bones" around us, giving us evidences like the T=0 event, and allowing us to watch Him continue to create and give new life. That every experiment to validate that T=0 is the truth has come out affirmative is yet another in a long list of evidences that God has given us to preach to the "dry bones" around us. It was good to see you doing so. John
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Mar 19, 2014