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The old Whitney is the Met Breuer. I believe they keep some of their newer collection there. The new Whitney is downtown in the Meatpacking, hard by the Highline.
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2017 on Question for New Yorkers at The Online Photographer
Is digital vs. analog about "good enough" or is it really about having more (illusion of) control? I'll never enjoy a camera as much as my old Stylus because if I got a good shot I was happy and if I got a bad one, I said "eh." Now, when I take a picture with a digital camera, I look at good shots and say "oh, if I had only opened it up a stop" or "oh, I could have switched over to aperture priority..."
Toggle Commented Feb 3, 2017 on The Revenge of Analog at The Online Photographer
Feel better soon, Mike!
I see Louis from time to time in front of B&H. A few weeks ago, I took my son to an event in Brooklyn (vintage buses on display!) and there he was, the man himself. He smiled when he saw my Canonet GL17 GIII, so I went over to say hello. He said to my son, "oh, yeah, I know your dad. He's a real photographer." Never have I felt like such a real photographer. Thanks, Louis.
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2015 on Louis Mendes at The Online Photographer
Perhaps you need to read the Iliad just one more time (go back to Lattimore's peerless transation, please). The story is about anger. Specifically, Achilles's anger towards Agamemnon. He gets so angry, that his anger destroys one of the only things he loves unambiguously, his cousin Patroclus. The gods, I thought, were more like Hepburn and Tracy nattering away in the background. It's a pretty good story.
"Perfecting Sound Forever" sounds really interesting. I'm curious to know whether it addresses a question my father and I have had for years: why were so many Jews prominent in the hifi era (Sol Marantz, Sid Harman, Avery Fisher)? As a Jewish kid who built Heathkits in the 50s, my dad is sure it's not a coincidence!
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Mar 26, 2014