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BTW, the only reason Dudebro got a manager position is because he had a degree (Masters, I think). In what, I don't know. To be honest, most of us were amazed that he could read words of more than one syllable.
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Rod Sterling? Then I feel quite honored, as I'm a big fan of the old-school Twilight Zone series. Thank you. :-)
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Anyone else reminded of that scene from Idiocracy? "Welcome to Costco. I love you."
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What gets me is, having me train people does not make them better employees or give them better habits. I trained someone a while back who, after her first week, simply no-called, no-showed until she was taken off the schedule. If a new employee is going to half-ass the job, it doesn't matter who trains them. They will pick up bad habits if they really want to, no matter how good the person training them is. Not to mention that on top of that, by having their best employees train the new cashiers, they're taking their best people out of commission for at least a day, since the newbies are running the registers with the more experienced cashier standing behind them, guiding them through the process. And an update to the post: The other day, I was training a new employee on her second day, and we were sent to the store's Coffee Bar so that the employee working there could go on break. Never mind that I was already busy training. Never mind that I haven't had any formal training on the Big Local Brand coffee drinks (last time I did any serious work back there was when we just had generic stuff several years ago), meaning I need the recipe book and about five minutes to get anything more complicated than a latte or cappuccino put together how it should be. But because I'm the "least likely to mess it up," back there I go.
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I actually did say this to a customer once. It was New Years Eve, the store was packed, and half my coworkers (including myself) were sick with whatever crud was going around. Customer asked me where my holiday spirits were. In a moment of "I don't give a crap," I simply smiled and said, "In the liquor cabinet." Customer actually laughed at my response.
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Okay, sounds great. And how much do I get off of my bill if the staff loses my phone or computer?
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Mar 27, 2014