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Kei Yuuki
Owner of UZP Customs, a Division of Ugajin-Zhangsun Productions
Recent Activity
I would love to have some of this debate material for my Facebook page "Metaverse and Virtual Worlds Community". I opened it so everyone can educate themselves on the operations of different Metaversese, like Second Life. I too, have been changing focus to Inworldz as the cost are lower ot operate as a business, and without the Greed of Linden Lab breathing down your neck. Licensing in Second Life is outrageous, and frankly, dont blame the multitude of people leaving or stopping their creative content from being abused in such a fashion. Linden Lab will be delt a heavy blow by companies and institutions much leger than them, and I am going to sit back and watch the show when it does happen.
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Mar 30, 2014