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I coached Special Olympics for over 20 years, and coached Bernard's son Mark in several different sports for years. He was a remarkable young man, incredibly artistic and a truly gentle soul, a real gentleman. It was clear that he got all of these qualities from his Dad, Bernard was such a devoted father. But you know what I liked most about Bernard? He was always on time picking up Mark! :)
This morning on Meet the Press Trump said, and I quote: "I mean what happened is unprecedented. This sort of thing happens all the time". And then he just kept talking. Word salad. This is not just a character flaw...although he has plenty of those...this is a DSM-IV diagnosis...or several.
I think the viewpoint expressed in this article is a Monumental mistake and I would like to explain why. One of the main challenges which will face any group which dares to suggest even the mere existence of any vaccine safety issues will be to convince others of their credibility. This is extremely difficult because the vast majority of health agency and government officials and citizens alike share the dogmatic belief that vaccines are perfectly safe and highly effective...the more the better and bring on the Zika vaccine! For this reason I strongly suggest that we choose very carefully the media outlets, journalists, external groups, and candidates we engage and reference in these efforts. While some may already share our opinions on this particular issue, in my opinion that does not by itself mean we should ally ourselves with them. One perfect example of this is Alex Jones. Many may disagree, but in my opinion it is not helpful for any vaccine safety advocate to ever cite or even mention anything coming from this man. While it is true that he is one of the few high-profile pundits who sees the truth about vaccines, he also "sees" a whole lot of other very wacky things which make it extremely easy for any casual reader to dismiss anything which includes his name. Along these same lines, I cannot overstate how Huge (pun intended) a mistake it is to support Donald Trump simply because he agrees with us on any one particular issue. This man is truly dangerous, and anyone who does not see that is, in my opinion, either plunging their head down a hole in denial, or is one of those Americans who find their darker side given license to freely express itself within the atmosphere of hate, misogyny, xenophobia, arrogance and hubris which surrounds this immature narcissist of a man child. For context, is there any one here who thinks that the Japanese interment program during WWII was a Good Thing? If you do, please don't bother responding...I seriously have no interest in what you have to say. But seriously, Trump has already indicated his support for something very similar and with much less provocation. Where else do you think he would take us? Hitler did some marvelous things for Germany's economy, culture and world standing, right up until the point where he decided to attack neighboring countries and then kill millions of Jews because he didn't like them. Learn from history or you WILL be doomed repeat it.
I sure had a lot to say when I read this article from Mr. Kruger, but I was not surprised that this coward didn't want anyone commenting on his very biased, error ridden article. These vaccine apologists never seem to be aware that the supposed benefits of the Vaccine Court, of reduced requirements for causation, do not even apply for any vaccine added to the recommended <> mandated list for the past 15 years. As hard as this is to believe, no new injury has been added to the NVICP Injury Table for 15 years, not even well documented reactions like GBS for flu vaccine, or the myriad reactions to HPV vaccines. I wrote about this at AoA in my response to vaccine apologist extraordinaire Dorrit Reiss's ridiculous review of the GAO report on NVICP.
Joel Harrison you actually make a good point. No, one cannot assume that the folks who filed claims to NVICP for vaccine injury will be the same folks who filed VAERS reports. But this is not what this article was claiming, you either have a reading comprehension deficit or you are deliberately trying to obfuscate these issues. This article clearly states the following: "Even the government recognizes that only 1 to 10 percent of vaccine injuries are ever reported to VAERS. Fewer still are the claims that ever get to NVICP. NO ONE KNOWS HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE HARMED BY VACCINES..." Why would one assume that the number of cases of vaccine injury reported to NVICP would be smaller than the number of cases reported to VAERS? Perhaps because the breakdown of who reports vaccine adverse reactions to VAERS is as follows: vaccine manufacturers (37%) health care providers (36%) state immunization programs (10%) vaccine recipients (or their parent/guardians, 7%) So let me ask you the following simple question. Do you believe that either a health care provider, a vaccine manufacturer, or a state immunization program is even remotely likely to submit a case of vaccine injury to NVICP on behalf of a child? Your characterization of NVICP as a walk in the park is laughable, clearly you have no contact with anyone who has had to endure that program. You are also obviously not aware that HHS has not added one single type of injury to the Injury Table for over 15 years, meaning that none of the past 6 vaccines added to the recommended schedule by the ACIP are covered under lower threshold of proof in NVICP court. Even reactions like GBS related to influenza vaccination, which now constitute a disproportionate number of adverse reactions reported, are not covered.
One of the most interesting things I just recently learned about VAERS is that very few of the reports are actually submitted by individuals: - vaccine manufacturers (37%) - health care providers (36%) - state immunization programs (10%) - vaccine recipients or their parent/guardians (7%) Use this next time someone tries to dismiss VAERS as a collection of false reports from hysterical parents. I also wasn't aware that there is a Table of Reportable Events Following Vaccination: One cannot help but wonder how "reportable" events make it onto this table, and why this list is so much longer and more comprehensive than the list in the NVICP Vaccine Injury Table, which tells us which reactions can be presumed to be caused by vaccines given temporal proximity. Call me a cynic, but I think the primary difference is that the second (shorter) NVICP list has financial ramifications, whereas the VAERS list does not. Always follow the money.
You simply have to go to these links to believe this! It looks like we may have video evidence of Dr. Pan taking orders from a paid pharmaceutical industry lobbyist at the end of the SB277 Education Committee hearing...when the Chair Sen. Liu asked him whether he would like to delay the vote for a week.;_ylc=X3oDMTJvczJjYXNvBF9TAzk3MzU5NzE0BGdycElkAzE1NjU3BGdycHNwSWQDMTcwNTEyNjE3MQRzZWMDYXR0YWNobWVudARzbGsDdmlld09uV2ViBHN0aW1lAzE0Mjk2NDIwMjA- It all makes perfect sense now.
This has also been documented by California Coalition for Health Choice here:
I've been following the SIDS issue for some time and it is always amazing to see how vaccine apologists always dismiss vaccines as possible cause in cases of SIDS, with zero evidence and even in the midst of strong temporal correlation. Does everyone remember the Tennessee SIDS Incident in 1979? This involved a cluster of SIDS cases related to a single lot of DPT vaccine which led to the manufacturers changing their distribution policies, such that lots would be more widely dispersed, making it harder to make these types of associations? For years vaccine apologists denied this as whacko conspiracy theory, then Dan Olmstead produced the memo that had been leaked to him: I attended the IOM's so-called "Vaccine Safety Hearing" on SIDS in 2002, it was a complete joke:
I am very impressed with Jonathan Rose's review, in fact this is so much more than a bood review! Regarding the book itself, I do have to agree with John Stone. I find it very troubling to see someone who is supposed to be tackling the very difficult and politicized history of the possible vaccine/autism connection, and then watch them neglect to mention some of the most seminal (and convincing) events in this history. I see three possibilities to explain these omissions...they were either: (1) intentional and meant to mislead; (2) an honest omission born out of lack of familiarity with this admittedly dense subject; or (3) again intentional but left out to appease those holding the author's puppet strings. As relates to [#1], this reminds me of an essay in Commentary Magazine about the geopolitical history of the Middle East, by self-described historian Victor Davis Hanson, in which he completely neglects to mention the inconvenient fact of US support for Sadam Hussein and Iraq prior to them becoming our enemy. Mr. Hanson is a very political animal, he did this for a reason...he wants you to reach a certain conclusion, and you can tell this is the case by reading his response to my criticism: I am not familiar with Elena Conis so I will give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that [#2] is the likely explanation, and simply suggest that she do some more thorough research before approaching this subject again. Perhaps then she could even mention Simpsonwood and now the CDC whistleblower, and maybe spend some time educating herself about what really happened to Dr. Wakefield instead of relying on someone else to reach her conclusions for her. If instead this is a case of omitting certain facts for political expediency, as John suggests as a possibility, then we can only hope that others can fill in the gaps and convince Elana Conis to rise to the occasion. I thoroughly appreciated and enjoyed what Jonathan Rose included about the sordid history of vaccine safety issues, and how the reality differs markedly from common perceptions. One of the most interesting things I have ever read about vaccines was from "What Every Parent Should Know About Childhood Immunization" by Jamie Murphy. The chapter "Measles in the 80's" covers how our health agencies portrayed measles prior to advent of the measles vaccine, and then the shift to measles suddenly becoming a deadly disease once the vaccine was developed and needed to be marketed to a terrified populace.
I understand this is probably not going to make me very popular, but I have a nasty tendency to say what I think, so here goes... I love everything about Dan's work and I love his passion for it, but lets be very careful who we champion as the carriers of our message. Sharyl Attkisson has been a great champion for the vaccine safety movement, there is no denying that. She gets it, she is one of the very few journalists who has dug deep enough to understand what is really happening, and she has the guts to report it accurately, regardless what forces mobilize against her. But please, please pay close attention to what she is doing right now. She has left her mainstream media attachments behind, and that could very well be a Good Thing...believe me I am no fan of the mainstream media when it comes to vaccine safety issues. What concerns me are all of the other issues she seems compelled to focus on. So where do you think she is going now? She spends the past few years trumpeting one bogus hoax of a political story after another, Benghazzi to Fast and Furious to Solyndra, seemingly without providing any concrete evidence to back up her serious claims, then writes a book called "Stonewalled" which is very critical of our current Administration. It is primarily a political book, though I haven't read it so I don't know how much of her vaccine safety reporting is discussed. I agree with her contention that our government is becoming increasingly intrusive, and is ignoring personal rights, but it seems like she would have us believe that all of these problems began with Obama's Administration. So again I ask you, where do you think she is going? My prediction...she will be a regular on Fox News within the month. She will then churn out political hit pieces with credibility on par with Megyn Kelly. Is that who we want putting our message out? The whole thing regarding her claiming her computer had been hacked, and then posting that video of text disappearing...I understand the whole thing is not terribly relevant, she made a silly mistake and didn't realize she had a broken backspace key. But this really made her look bad, but even worse, it made her look like she sees conspiracy everywhere she looks. All of us understand that there really IS a conspiracy going on when it comes to the CDC and everything about our mass vaccination system. Our challenge is getting others to see that. And believe it. Dave
I am noticing a pattern with some of these very biased and uninformed articles...they are being written by very young journalists who are clearly using the same talking points and 3x5 card of "facts"...i.e. "Wakefield study was first to try to link MMR and autism, but was retracted" yada yada yada. I doubt a one of these stenographers has actually looked at the actual Lancet 1998 study, much less understand that it was not designed as an epidemiological study. Take a look at the author...she looks like she's 12:
So much for all the claims that there is no concrete claim of malfeasance by the CDC. "I have a boss who is asking me to lie". Any questions?
There was a rumor that Kennedy had removed the significant vaccine-specific chapters from the book, but looking at the Table of Contents I see many very vaccine-specific chapters. Anyone know whether any chapters were actually removed?
I think it is incredibly important that we all understand that there is a full court press by our health agencies to convince the American people that the rash (no pun intended) of disease outbreaks across the US are all a result of us irresponsible parents who have the unmitigated gall to refuse vaccines for our children. Why are they doing this? Just take a look at the Current News listed at, especially this article: This effort to limit and eventually eliminate state vaccine exemptions will be a slam dunk if they can convince the American public that vaccine refusers are to blame for the outbreaks.
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