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Jeff Kunkler
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Hello Mr. Grabowski, After reading your experience with the Chromecast device and rather quick dismissal of it, I thought I'd give an opposing view, as I find the device quite useful. Set up for me was a snap. I loaded the app on my Android phone, plugged in the device to my less than stellar Visio LCD television, entered my WiFi password and it quickly connected to my WiFi network. Right away I was able to stream my Hulu and Netflix to the screen, no delay, with perfect picture. YouTube also works well. It is an excellent and low cost alternative to using a Roku or similar device. Once the stream is started, I can then use my phone or tablet (I have a lot of Android devices) as I want without interfering with the stream, as you correctly stated the Chromecast device gets the stream directly from the router. If I want to pause, go back or advance in the stream, I do so on the Android device I'm using just like a remote. It is no slower than what I experience using the Android device standalone for streaming. I spend time with my daughter sitting on the couch finding science or animal documentary videos from YouTube (not too much, we also go outside and play soccer) and talk about them. We also stream music for her to dance to (she is four). For $35 dollars, there is no other device that allows me to attach to an HDMI equipped display and connect to a WiFi network then stream my subscriptions. It's simplicity and portability are key elements for me. I look forward to the enhancements that Google is no doubt working on. I highly recommend the Chromecast device. In my experience, far from "impractical". Sincerely, Jeff kunkler
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Apr 8, 2014