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Marianna, FL
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Hi Bill. I also started attending CCFL in 93, met my wife and was married by Gennarino. The ministry of CCFL and Bob changed the course of my life as well. We should be asking ourselves why this story is so often repeated? "Spiritual rags to spiritual riches, back to spiritual rags." Adam and Eve did it, the Israelites did it, we're all still doing it! This behavioral cycle should not surprise us. Man is flawed due to his sin nature. Sinning is natural to us. We are all prone to wanting to get in the Driver seat of our life, thereby pushing God to the backseat just like Lucifer did. None of us can qualify to lead a church and be a spiritual guide to others by virtue of our impeccable performance before Almighty God. The problem lies in well meaning people elevating such a leader to a level that he neither deserves, nor can handle. The pedestal built by these followers, becomes the gallows on which this leader hangs himself. The emotional carnage felt by many in the aftermath support this view of having unintentionally given "near perfect" status to a sinful man. We are let "down" because we had first "elevated". The old adage "The bigger they are, the harder they fall." applies here. We made this leader bigger than life, bigger than he deserved, and now, like an over-inflated balloon, it blows up in our face much to our surprise! Most of us may have had the experience of a friend or relative with infidelity or other "moral failure", but it didn't rock our world. So why is it so different with Bob or other leaders? Because of our propensity to want to attribute godlike qualities to a fellow man, a fellow sinner. A good place to start "processing" this event, is to first go to God and humbly ask for forgiveness for having placed so much faith in a man and having attributed to him, the changes in our life that were the work of God by the Power of His Holy Spirit. Once this confession is made, the turbulent waters should become easier to navigate. Be blessed and be a blessing.
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Apr 11, 2014