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Holly James
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I think that continuing education into adulthood and learning a new skill is so smart! I have been inspired by this post, thank you for sharing. Learning a new skill could completely change my future! Holly James |
I have been thinking about getting my roof repaired. The damage from the wind storm isn't terrible but it looks trashy. What qualities should I look for in a roofing contractor? Holly James |
I have been trying to fix some electrical problems in my home but I don't think it is very safe. What are the benefits of hiring an electrical contractor? What services do they offer? Holly James |
This is great information on how to come across the right personal injury lawyer for you! This will make it a lot less stressful for me if I ever find myself in need of a lawyer. I will be more prepared and educated on the qualities to look for! Thank you for sharing! Holly James |
This is very helpful, I am thinking about getting a swimming pool built in our backyard this summer and I want to keep it well maintained all the years we have it! Where can I get swimming pool supplies? Holly James |
This is good to know, I actually had to get a new battery last winter because every time I tried to start the car it would be dead. What can I do to maintain my battery and elongate its life. Holly James |
Toggle Commented Jun 16, 2014 on Make Your Battery Last at Jeremilasher's blog
Wow, I can't believe how much better those kitchens look! This makes me want to remodel mine, I am thinking about doing it this summer! What should I do to prepare my kitchen for this? Holly James |
Toggle Commented Jun 16, 2014 on Kitchen remodel at Just a minute of my time...
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My husband is really hands on and loves fixing things! He is thinking about becoming an electrician, is this safe? The last time we tried fixing an electrical problem in our home we ended up calling the professionals and they said it wasn't safe to attempt it on our own. Holly James |
Wow, that looks really yummy and my son who loves meat would drool over this! I am thinking about getting finger food catering for his birthday! Would this be a good idea or would pizza do the job? Holly James |
A roofing expo seems like it would actually be really interesting, I would enjoy going to one! I am actually thinking about getting my roof redone but I don't know what material is best for an environment that is hot and cold. Does it matter or are their better options that can handle all types of weather? Holly James |
These are some really great tips, I am glad that I came across this! It would be smart to get insurance for my teenagers on the same plan! The other day they were driving and a huge rock hit their window, now they have to replace the whole windshield! What are the benefits of having them on a plan together? Holly James |
Hiring someone to come in and clean your roof is something that you will not regret. Trust me, I have tried doing it on my own and it was very stressful and definitely not worth it. I was very pleased with the job and would hire someone again in a heart beat. Holly James |
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May 6, 2014