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I wish I had seen this article 2 months ago! I was completely on my own. I could have really used your tips and the help of a moving team to make it go smoothly because it was a nightmare. Rosie |
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You're so right. It's best to get a spare key from a locksmith. I tried to get one from my dealer and they were going to charge me $300! No way. I'm going to call my local locksmith today and I'm sure I'll get a better price than that. Rosie |
I didn't know that most first consultations are free! This is a huge relief to me. Now I know that I can see an injury lawyer if I should ever have some sort of accident without being worried of the cost. Rosie |
I never considered to split the cost among all the passengers. That makes it seem like a great and affordable way to travel. Plus you have the added convenience of choosing your own route rather than being stuck to the route of public transport. Thanks! Rosie |
You mention that there are DIY articles about installing HVAC in case someone wants to save money. I would advise against that. It's always better to hire a professional. It may seem like you're "saving" money, but if you accidentally mess things up you could end up spending a lot more money hiring a professional to fix the mistakes you made. It's not worth the risk. Rosie |
I don't trust myself or my husband to take on any plumbing DIY projects, so I thought saving money on plumbing wasn't an option for me. I had never thought to save my money by saving the plumber's time and having everything ready for him. That's a clever trick! Thank you! Rosie |
I have never thought of using an opaque glass treatment on a window before! It's sued perfectly here. You still get the privacy of a curtain but you let in all the natural light that a curtain would block out. Brilliant! Rosie |
Toggle Commented May 26, 2014 on Beautiful Bathroom Remodel at The Wills Company
Thank you for this information. It's so nice to have the information for all of these bin rental services collected into one place! I'm throwing a birthday party in a park for my son soon and I want to make sure that we have enough places to put our trash. This is perfect for that. Thanks! Rosie |
Thank you for this handy list of where to find aggregate equipment! I've been looking for some for my husband's business. Having it all collected in one place is really helpful. Thanks! Rosie | K-INDU. Ltd.
I love the link you shared with the FAQs on the differences between Montessori schools and more mainstream schooling. It's a great reference for any parent that's trying to decide what to do with their child's education. I'll be using it in the future. Thanks! Rosie |
Toggle Commented May 7, 2014 on Montessori in public schools at School Leader
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May 7, 2014