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I have come across this David Dilworth in Twitter, mostly attempting to confuse the discussion on GMO, and to discredit those few independent scientists, such as Thierry Vrain, that raise alarm on the dangers associated with GMO and more importantly, Glyphosate and other active agents of Monsanto's biocides. While I have no doubt that Mr. Dilworth is either very ignorant of the dangerous effects of the pesticides, which would raise question about the level of his intelligence, or is a liar, which brings to question his integrity, for me the issue is more than just lousy science. We know how good scientists are gagged or discredited if they talk against health hazards associated with GMO/pesticide/Mono Culture and industrial model of chemical farming. We know how educational institutions, labs and the very scientific community has been infiltrated and hijacked by the biotech lobby. Yet, to me, the issue goes deeper. What we have here, is not just voodoo science being doled out as the saviour for our future generations. The real story is that the political process in our countries (I talk about Canada, where I live) has been hijacked by these handful of corporations. It is not just that these lobby groups bribe politicians or fund them. The Politicians, or those that matter, have chosen a path that is a betrayal to the people that elected them. These people are supposed to be public servants, and work towards what is of best interest for the public. But they have abdicated their duty, and now serve the interest of a handful or corporations. This is possible not just because the political system is an incredibly corrupting force today, but because the public themselves have abdicated their duty as citizens of a free country. The people have allowed the reigns of the political process to slip from their hands and onto those of a few corporations. So, from my point of view, I do not see these nations changing course from the slippery slope they are in, which would destroy their biological diversity, seed freedom, food sovereignty, and ecology, unless the people rise up and wrench control of politics back in their hands. Nothing short of that will alter what amounts to an all out attack on the very foundation of our democracy, through corruption in high places, abetted by political system that is engaged in what amounts to an act of treason, selling of their countries piece by piece for the profit of a handful of foreign corporations - while the voting citizenry languishes in a torpor. Thats how I see it. David Dilworth and his compatriots are but small potato in this gigantic wheel. The real culprit is closer at hand - you and me and the next door neighbour that has allowed this state of affairs to continue. Well written though.
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May 13, 2014