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A Canon G series camera will work. I have a G11 that I use. The macro setting is helpful.
Ironically, Lee (and Washington) May have been pleased by the ultimate result, which is the preservation of the property from the hands of developers. One can still sit on the back porch of the Curtis-Lee house and look out on all of D.C. It would likely otherwise be the site of a shopping center today.
I think Maris hit the nail on the head. Every analogue print is unique. I recently had the chance to view an Ansel Adams exhibit at the Getty Museum. There were two prints of Moonrise Hernandez. One was printed close to the time the original image was made and the other shortly before his death. The contrast between them was striking and clearly demonstrated a different "performance". The work, and it is not insignificant work, on a digital print is all done on the front end. But a collector knows that the exact image can be reproduced with relative ease, which diminishes the market value of the print. One way to deal with this issue might be for the artist to print a limited run and destroy the edited, but not the raw, file.
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May 20, 2014