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Michael J Zupon
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They really should have joined HotDQ to Phandelver and started people out at 5. That takes the Greenest fight from "suicidal" back down to "challenging"
So, here's what we didn't have time to get into.... Ares was a poorly written villain. His death didn't stop war, it didn't even pause war for an entire generation. Instead of yet another CGI fight where people fly in a standing position and throw things at each other, Diana vs Ares should have been a battle of the mind. Diana's love for all mankind vs Ares' desire to forment hatred and dissent between peoples. Ares should have bombarded her with images of savagery and violence that people do unto each other, while Diana fights back with her ideals and the (admittedly few) examples of humanity's decency that she's been exposed to. While she ends up winning this fight, Steve's sacrifice sends her into a deep depression, causing her to withdraw from the world. During her time of isolation, of course, the events leading up to WWII occur. It is the outbreak of another global war that makes Diana realize that she cannot slack again. (Of course, I would have had her working for UNICEF instead of the frickin Louve, but that's just me...)
My confusion about Deadshot and Harley is, he pretends to miss shooting her, then 5 minutes later he says that he never shoots women or kids. Why didn't he just say that instead of aiming and missing? For the DCU to set up the Joker as one of their ultimate bad guys, making him a secondary supporting character seemed odd. It seems they could have used the Joker as a background presence, dropping hints that he knows Harley is out and might show up, without spoiling his DCU entrance by FAILING AT EVERYTHING. That, and someone that suicidally crazy and chaotic couldn't run a gas station, let alone run a criminal empire. No one would work for him, no one would work with him, he'd be ratted out or stabbed in the back at the first opportunity... but that's just sayin.
A great documentary about the rise of the sport and some of the challenges they face. I should have a screening.
Ummm.. What category of movies includes "Saving Private Ryan", "Fury", and "Schindler's List"?
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Mar 4, 2015
If Thor doesn't say, "ULTRON! We would have words with thee!", I riot....
We made grilled gourda on sourdough with deli ham and bacon tonight. Seeing as it all came from Costco, it was probably a $3 meal each.... Comfort food is all very well, but I'm not paying prime rib prices for hamburgers.
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May 31, 2014