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Barbara Stanley
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That was a tough loss for Joe in a hard fought race. I'd like to see Joe run again; maybe for San Mateo County Supervisor in District 1 where he is well known. Joe should try a different campaign strategy next time. I think that challenging Juan Raigoza's qualifications just drew attention to the fact that he was already the San Mateo County Assistant Controller. Moreover, since Juan Raigoza started out with the enormous advantage of being listed on the ballot as San Mateo County Assistant Controller, Joe might have tried attacking the performance of the Controller's office. Of course that would have been difficult since even Joe said that it was well run when he announced his candidacy: If elected, Galligan said he expects to run the controller's office in the same fashion as Adler and his predecessor, Tom Huening, noting that both did "a great job." And what was Joe thinking when he accused Juan Raigoza of illegally having his property taxes reduced? Here's what Jeramy Gordon of the Daily Post said yesterday (6/4/14) in his article about the Controller's race: "Perhaps Galligan's fatal move was an accusation that Raigoza illegally obtained a property tax reduction on his Redwood City home, which ended up backfiring on Galligan. As it turns out, the reduction was not only legal, but required under state law." Ouch! This made Joe look incompetent and even worse, ignorant, which is clearly not the case. It also gave Juan Raigoza the opening to bring up Joe's lawsuit against San Bruno to have the parking tax removed from Joe's Skypark business: "Didn't you have a property and you went to San Bruno and said 'We shouldn't have to pay property taxes'"? Raigoza asked. "Maybe I should do more research on you, Joe." You have to admit that was a great counter punch from Mr. Raigoza. Maybe Joe knew he was losing and he had to try something? Also, how much did Joe spend advertising in the San Mateo Daily Journal? All those inserts must have cost a pretty penny and clearly they weren't very effective since Joe lost by more than 28%. Well, better luck next time. Like I said at the beginning, maybe Joe can run for District 1 Supervisor once Dave Pine is termed out. Barbara Stanley
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Jun 5, 2014