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I agree with Mr. Auger to a point re different groups of humans abusing the powers that were supposedly given to each, but where does the role of the Demiurge (negative ET's) come into play with initiating the abuses via mind-control & enslavement of hu-mans, etc. in order to serve their (D's) agenda from the time of their (D's) first arrival on earth on "Atlantia"? Mr. Auger seems to put all the abuse responsibility on earth-humans.
Eric Williams has made the most sense of all of those speaking on Citizens Grand Juries, personal freedom, sovereignty, etc. In this particular interview though, I would have defined at the start the difference between "U.S. Gov." (Corporation in DC and the 4 territories it governs) vs the "U.S. of America." And I would have left out reference to a "Creator" as the basis/impetus for one acting in right-consciousness/right action, given that there are such diverse definitions for this concept/beingness and not everyone on this planet agrees to what it is/has represented through time (i.e. in certain Gnostic texts the "Creator" of this universe is the main source of our problems!). And I've noticed an inherent bias int he Citizens Grand Jury sites using this "Creator" reference and biblical references as the basis of their action/representations in court at the exclusion of all others who don't believe in same. Where is the justice for the rest of the population? (for those who don't believe similarly?).
Brilliant as usual! Thanks
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Jun 19, 2014