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We used to be club members of the golf club near our house. It was really fun to always have access to a course. We could go hit on the range whenever we wanted or could take a spin in the golf carts. Just kidding, we only used the golf carts to get around the course.
Usually I'm not a fan of clowns, but she looks like a pretty nice clown. I might hire a clown like that for a children's party, but it really depends on how the child feels about clowns. Some people are scared of clowns even the happy normal ones.
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I remember in high school they had just started getting the smart boards. Personally I wasn't really a fan, but that might have been that my teacher wasn't really sure how to use it. They would spend have the time trying to figure out how to work the technology. It's probably gotten better since then.
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I didn't realize that there was a debate whether or not insurance companies pay for hired help as an employee or as an independent contractor. Is one of them more expensive than the other? I would think that it would be legally safer to pay for them as an independent contractor, but that just might be me.
I think maintaining is really important to the house. A lot of damage can happen if you don't keep your roof nice and repaired. Water damage is probably the worst. It works pretty fast and does a lot of damage.
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That's really awesome. I've always really been into all the different excavating tractors. I just think it's really cool how we are able to move and make the earth work with us. It's incredible the stuff they can accomplish nowadays from tractors.
I think a really important part of building maintenance is cleaning. I think businesses should hire a company to do the maintenance so they can focus on their own business. It is really helpful, because then you never have to worry about building maintenance.
I think solar screens can be really handy even in residential situations. If the solar screens are used right they can produce and help save a lot of energy. It's a good idea to look into if you are looking to be energy efficient.
Bed bugs seriously freak me out! I went on a road trip to California, and we stayed in some pretty sketchy hotels and motels. I brought bed bugs with me the whole rest of the trip. I don't stay in hotels anymore. I can't get past the one experience I had.
I think it's reasonable to get a personal injury lawyer when you are having to battle with insurance or other people. It always seems like a battle to see who has to pay for what. Insurance companies are really good at pushing it around or onto other companies. That's why you might need a lawyer.
I had to get service from an auto body shop, because someone hit me in a parking lot. I wasn't there, but they left me a note with their information. I'm grateful they left me the note, but I'm sad that they did so much damage.
That kitchen looks really great, and I especially like the flooring. I want to get my floors redone, because we've dropped so many things and made lots of dents. I've tried fixing it, but nothing has really worked. I think I'll just replace the floors.
It's nice to see that the price of gas, though diesel, is gradually going down. It makes shipping things a whole lot cheaper and easier with lower prices. I think they should continue the trend, because that's what usually stops me from going on vacations.
This looks so delicious, and it doesn't help that I'm really hungry right now. I could do with some really good food right now. I'm thinking of just splurging and going to my favorite restaurant, despite the fact that it's way out of my budget.
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I had a pretty easy move to San Fransisco, because my husband was really good and found a great moving company. They were super helpful, and they didn't break anything, which was my biggest concern. I didn't want to lose any of my china dishes.
This is really cool, because usually I try to stay gluten free. It's nice that while traveling I can still stay pretty close to the same diet I have at home. I think that eating the way you like really helps a trip go well, because if your not busy being hungry you can be busy having fun.
I think the art of photography is being slowly lost. Just think about how easy it is for individuals to take a selfie. How can we recover from this bad photo epidemic? Personally I like old style photography, like the cameras used back during the Civil War. Those were really cool and they always looked really crisp.
I know what you mean, because it's really frustrating to have a storm come and damage the house. It wasn't so much my gutters, but my roof had a hard time. I had to get new shingles in some places because they flew away in the storm.
I never thought that it would be hard to find matching metals if I were ever to add on to my house. I guess it makes sense now that I think about it, but I think I still want to get metal roofing. It's done really well so far, and I don't really like change.
This is kind of awesome. Usually I just pay the neighbors to watch my dog, but I think he would really like this place. I should just try it once, I'm going somewhere in August, so I guess I could try it then. It's only for a few days, and so if he doesn't like it, he doesn't have to suffer long.
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This was really helpful, because it helped me start my search for a lawyer. I didn't really know where to start of what questions to ask, but this gave me a really broad start. I think I can do this, especially now that I have a good starting place.
This is really cool, because I love success stories. It's really funny the kind of things you can find at a pawn shop. I wanted to find a lamp at a pawn shop, my coworker laughed at me saying I probably wouldn't find one. I went and found a lamp just so I could show it to him.
I think it would be so cool to have a bonsai tree, because I want one to place on my desk at work. There's this guy next to me that has a statue of Julius Caesar, so I don't think a bonsai tree would be any more distracting than that.
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I just need somebody to clean once a week. I don't need a makeover, because the building I am in is brand new. It's already pretty modern, I wouldn't want to mess it up.