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You seem to have the basic arguments correct, from what I've seen, but I doubt whether you could effectively 'pass' as a liberal due to the way they are presented. In particular, liberals tend not to use phrases such as "the coercive power of the state," or worry too much about what constitutes a "legitimate function of government." Not that these things are unheard of from liberal writers, but the distinction between society and the state tends not to get made clearly. Instead of "The state may do X," leftists tend to speak along the lines of "We must do X," and take it as granted that state power is the natural way to go about doing X. Of course, it is difficult to give an honest assessment since your readers already know that you are 'doing a voice.' I would be interested to see this experiment repeated with your attempts juxtaposed with quotes from actual liberal sources on the same issues, so that we might attempt to guess which is which.
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Jul 16, 2014