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URR, source is evidently "Earl of Taint" at SFW. cheerio chuck
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2018 on Worth a Thousand Words at Bring The HEAT
Wouldn't it be interesting/hilarious if the only EA-18G pilots flying out of Whidbey that day were female? If that were the case, the "punishment" wound probably be rather benign.
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2017 on Presented without comment. at Bring The HEAT
A LTC in SAC flew an RB-47 (!!!) under the Mackinac Straits Bridge back in the 50s. Story here: Interesting that this F-4 has gear down. Is that Golden Gate? Tacoma Narrows? Any more on the story behind this? cheerio chuck
Toggle Commented Nov 4, 2017 on Oh yes he did! at Bring The HEAT Worth a look. chuck
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". . . where do we get such men?"
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2017 on "God is with us all this day" at Bring The HEAT
Angelo Codevilla: "Is he an admiral’s son, whose misdeeds are being buried as was John McCain’s responsibility in 1967 for starting the fire that killed 137 men on the USS Forrestal by giving his airplane’s engine a flaming “wet” start?" I do not understand this claim, which I have recently seen in e-mailings as well. I think the story about McCain causing the Forrestal disaster is incorrect. The Wikipedia article about the 1967 Forrestal incident has a diagram of the spotted aircraft on the flight deck at the time of the conflagration and if the diagram is correct, McCain's A-4 is on the port side aft on the deck edge. His aircraft is oriented so that its exhaust is pointed out to sea. The ZUNI that fired is supposedly on an F-4B on the opposite (starboard) deck side, so I cannot see how any "Flaming 'wet' start" (whatever that is) of the A-4's J52 could have initiated a ZUNI launch. I understand that ZUNIs had a checkered safety record in any event. Perhaps the Wiki diagram is not accurate. I don't have the Freeman book on the incident but I think the story is a military "urban legend." Supposedly these incidents (including disasters on Oriskany and Enterprise) helped motivate the Insensitive Munitions Program for the Navy. chuck
Anyone know what is the function of the hatch, open to the left of, and slightly above, the port nose LG door? Visible at 12:59-13:05. Is that for pilot access? It appears to only be on port side of aircraft. Just curious. PS I worked as an engineer at NSWCDD (Dahlgren), and we had one of the F-111B fuselages (perhaps this one) in our "airplane park" where we stored obsolescent aircraft for use in lethality testing. It was eventually shipped out by truck after a failed attempt to lift by a CH-53. Unsure where it was taken.
Toggle Commented Aug 12, 2017 on F-111B Carrier suitability trials. at Bring The HEAT
Editor’s note: After publication, the Democratic National Committee contacted The Nation with a response, writing, “U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded the Russian government hacked the DNC in an attempt to interfere in the election. Any suggestion otherwise is false and is just another conspiracy theory like those pushed by Trump and his administration. It’s unfortunate that The Nation has decided to join the conspiracy theorists to push this narrative.” As you point out, The Nation is about as far-left as they come. Evidently the DNC eat their young.
So it sounds like this was your favorite of the meals you've tried so far? Also, given it is hard to come by in the US, what was your source? Very interesting!
Very well done!! I started watching, figuring I would not last for the whole 23+ minutes, but found myself "drawn in" with your "laid back" style of narration. I look forward to the future videos you're planning! cheers, chuck
A sad story; my thoughts go out to the victims' families. I've not seen it mentioned, but my bet is that below waterline damage to Fitzgerald is probably due to impact of the bulbous bow of the ACX Crystal.
Toggle Commented Jun 19, 2017 on Fighting to Save the Ship at Bring The HEAT
As a Ukrainian could say, Святе дерьмо траханий !!! Shades of Severomorsk 1984. Some reports say a drone dropped something that set this conflagration off. [I see you've added this.] We'll see. Surprised you didn't prefix this with, "Splodey," Art. Seems to me it qualifies. cheerio chuck
Very interesting, URR. Sadly, 2/3 of the British battlecruisers were gone by the end of 1941. In the case of Hood, it was probably due more to poor protection from Bismarck's plunging fire. On the other hand, Repulse's demise (along with PoW's) was the beginning of the end of battleships in general. The loss of the 3 battlecruisers (almost 4) at Jutland seems (from what I have read) to have been due more to sloppy cordite handling, as opposed to a lack of armor protection (as in Hood's case). That sloppy handling of cordite was a byproduct of the "Shoot!! Shoot!! Shoot!! philosophy that was endemic throughout the British fleet in WW1. And, as you know, Royal Oak and Barham were not going to be around for long either. By the end of WW2 it seems that the battleships were serving more as antiaircraft artillery vehicles, protecting carriers, than as a means for sinking enemy surface combatants. The VT fuze helped a lot on those 5in/38s. One is moved to wonder about the future of aircraft carriers if enemies devise effective terminal guidance for antiship Ballistic Missiles.
Notice the Douglas F4Ds scrambling from an airfield. Weren't the "Fords" part of ADC at one time? I thoroughly enjoyed watching this. Too bad we can't recreate the accurate sound effect of the C-133s taking off, though. Heh. (When I watch "Strategic Air Command" I always max out the volume as Jimmy Stewart's B-36 takes off from Carswell.) Thanks for posting. chuck
Toggle Commented Sep 25, 2016 on Douglas C-124 and C-133 at Bring The HEAT
Three favorite aircraft: deHavilland Mosquito PR.XVI; BAC TSR.2, Convair B-58A. cheers chuck
Agreed. Out here in Black Hills I also note His work in magnificent cumulonimbus formations that sometimes top out at 55-60kft.
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2016 on The Big Guy Does Good Work at Bring The HEAT
Worthwhile reads, intelligently written:
Toggle Commented Jul 19, 2016 on Let's Review, Shall We? at Bring The HEAT
In a way, I can see how the pilot screwed up. Ellsworth main RW is azimuth 130°-310° (RWs are labeled 13-31). Rapid City Regional main RW is azimuth 140°-340° (RWs are labeled 14-34). Prevailing winds are from NW most of the time. Same here at the house (20mi W). So the two runways are laid out almost exactly the same. The base and airport are 7 miles apart, with the base almost due N of the airport. Nevertheless, Ellsworth RW is 13497 feet long by 300 ft (!!!—a football field) wide. It was, as most readers here know, designed to handle RB-36 and B-52 aircraft. Rapid City Regional is 8701 feet long by 150 feet wide. I would think that the width alone would give the guy a clue. I was doing docent duty at the SD Air & Space Museum Friday and all appeared normal over at the base (immediately adjacent). Wind was from SE then, however. Last night a neighbor who works at the base said (so this is obviously hearsay) that the pilot was a month away from retirement. I would hope they cut him some slack. Nobody got hurt, the plane landed at Rapid City Regional a few hours later, and the base told passengers to lower window shades and send some APs come through the plane with holstered weapons and a sniffing dog. In any event, it's not like the '60s where uncleared people might have seen WR B28s being loaded. cheerio, chuck
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2016 on Oops. at Bring The HEAT
It could be worse.
I wonder if there is a capability to augment this facility with SM-2/SM-6 missiles, which would provide a capability to defend against aircraft and cruise missiles. Given the range/capability of the SM-2/SM-6, that might also be a concern to Mr Putin. Regarding Mr Diogenes' comment, Russia could just employ a LACM to negate this site. Might be nice to have something in those VLS cells for self-defense.
Toggle Commented May 18, 2016 on Aegis Ashore in Romania at Bring The HEAT
Check out Written by Thomas Ricks, formerly of the WaPo (!!!) who admitted he voted for obama twice. The URL wording alone says it all.
I've got a DVD copy of "Guns at Batasi". Attenborough should have won an Academy Award for his role as an RSM in that flick. Also, check out "The Hill"; Sidney Lumet directed and did a damn good job. I'm a fan of Harry Andrews, who also was in another great one with actual aircraft flying scenes, "633 Squadron". One could probably guess why I like it based on my handle. cheers chuck
Anyone ever in the Black Hills area, check out the South Dakota Air & Space Museum. It's exit 67B off I-90 at the entrance to Ellsworth AFB, E of Rapid City. And it's free. Chances are good you'll get a bonus takeoff of a B-1B during your visit. Eisenhower's B-25J(VB) personal transport, used in 1944 in Europe, is on display at the museum. I'm a docent there on summer Fridays. (Also, further E, at exit 131, is the newly-built visitor center of the MINUTEMAN Missile Nat'l Historic Site, where one can sign up to tour Delta-01 LCC or just swing by the preserved Delta-09 silo.) cheers, chuck
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2016 on Off to the Museum at Bring The HEAT
I just got my copy of Jutland: The Unfinished Battle, by Nick Jellicoe; haven't yet gotten to any discussion (if it exists) of the post-battle kerfuffles between Beatty, Jellicoe, and Evan-Thomas. (So far the most informative, and interesting, account of the battle and the leadup to it is by Andrew Gordon, titled The Rules of the Game, and is MUCH more readable than slogging through Marder.) Agree with John Griffiths and KenH [above] regarding Beatty. I became convinced after reading Gordon's chapter entitled, "Dirty Work Somewhere". Beatty didn't even meet with Evan-Thomas, CO of 5th BS, to discuss Battle Orders after the 4 Queen Elizabeths arrived at Rosyth!! If one could have bought Beatty for his worth and sold him for what he thought he was worth, he'd be a billionaire (in 1916 £ sterling, even), no question.
During a training session once at Dam Neck, I heard, possibly urban legend, that the CO of USS SoCar CGN-37 once illuminated some too-eager then-Soviet pilots who immediately gave up the antics and departed post haste. Probably soiled themselves. But if true, damn ballsy. Supposedly "lighting 'em up" is now an act of war. Too damn bad. God forbid we should violate RoE. I'm surprised obongo won't bow, and apologize to, Putin for being in the Baltic at all.