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I want what I want when I want it
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Well I can tell you what I know not what the speculation is.. I drink decaf coffee seeing that caffeine is not good for the body so I come home from duty over sea's and I see that the 4 starbucks in my area seem to not sell Decafe and now Here I find out that its not served until noon or to sell it at their starbucks discretion and I also heard that it doesn't matter what we the consumer think that we are not a shareholder and we will basically have to piss and moan about it and take it up the rear. but seeing as I have an uncle who is a Senator in NC and a really close friend of the head of the FTC I believe that I might have to ask them what's going on and maybe they can as a favor to my uncle to just ask around why is it starbucks sells caffeine coffee but Only non decaffeinated coffee after noon and at most starbucks not at all.. I am sure the ftc and the and eat-healthy.. and lets see what us little consumers can get done
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Jul 31, 2014