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Thank you for your very wise reply. I doubt if more than a very, very few shepherds intentionally inflict harm on their sheep (who are, after all, their livelihood, and mistreated animals are not as productive/profitable), if only because of the profit motive, and because most people are raised by their parents *not* to be cruel and abusive. I would much rather wear wool - a sustainable, flame-retardant, breathable fiber - than a petrochemical garment. Also, perhaps the writer/PETA are not aware of the heavy amount of chemicals (petrochemicals, at that!) used to fertilise/prevent disease and weeds in cotton raising (some of which are harmful to wildlife)? Or the quantities of bleach (not precisely a mild chemical!) used to whiten cotton fibers to a snowy state?
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I love that the Istex ball-winder gives each ball a little squeeze. Just like any knitter would! Squish-testing!
Toggle Commented Sep 19, 2014 on Iceland 4 - Ístex at The Independent Stitch
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Thank you for posting your travelogue! The Highlands are IMHO always beautiful. Even in the rain (what a wonderful excuse to duck into a tea shop and have a nice hot cuppa with a biscuit). How fascinating to see teasels being used in finishing! I have a thousand pine cones in my yard - I wonder if the green ones would work? I love the sheep photos. Lexie is adorable, even if she is slightly chicken. The shot of the wren's woolly nest is also adorable. That was obviously a bird with good taste! Have you ever considered taking 12 (or more?) of what you consider to be the best of your photos and combining them into a calendar, to help fund your Shetland research?
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2014 on Scottish Highlands 1 at The Independent Stitch
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No wonder you weren't able to see everything at Cunningsburgh. What an incredible wealth of fiber art talent there is in those tiny islands. I am in awe at the petit point Viking. The crochet natural-colored jumper almost makes me want to crochet (hmm, should graph out a similar pattern for knitting - but I would not want to infringe on the crocheter's copyright). Thank you so much for posting all of this. Armchair travel is better than not at all.
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It is amazing to contemplate the quantity of wool that goes through that building! I am glad to see the Wool Board's interest in quality, and hope it translates into a better profit for the hard-working shepherds.
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Aug 3, 2014