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Hong Be Tanner
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I love all your blogs so far, well ever since I came to study with you the last 2 weeks of June, especially the ones that talked about balancing family, work & sadhana. It is so well written & it resonates so much with me when I was struggling with my teenage daughter ( funnily not with Brice, my other child who turned 21 on 17th of June.) who will turn 19 in August. We need to learn to let go, surrender(my favourite word), to let these kids who are actually smarter and more clued in then you think as parents, grow up in their own way. After the age of 12 nothing you say is going to get into their tiny heads, literally. So from my not so distant experience, I realised that I should have more faith & trust in our kids because all the endless senseless fights, anguish & stress that led me to a nervous breakdown, came to naught...Both of my babies turned out more than fine & we are still a great family unit & best of all Katia who I thought I had lost her for good, is in touch with us, especially me, daily. She is coming home from Boston(Boston College) for a short summer break & I can't wait to have her back home even though we had spent a couple of weeks together in May & June. Please do not stop writing as it's a source of knowledge & inspiration for me, & to remind me to keep a good attitude towards my daily sadhana. :)
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Aug 9, 2014