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David Blum
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I now hope Obama begins his speech thus: ME ME ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Une note (en francais car il dit repondre): Les progressives souvent aiment hair LS. Avec raison - les 1990s. Pourtant depuis 1998 il a vraiement change. Il a ecrit des choses avec Brad Delong qui sont exceptionnel. Pour moi, il est l'un des bons types comme Thoma, Krugman, Stiglitz, etc. Ceci est base sur ce qu'il a ecrit. J'ignore s'il est toujours sexist mais c'est une autre conversation.
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Student loan debt is completely out of hand. If your a college graduate you're on the gates of the middle class, but with a huge burden. This debt should be subject to bankruptcy. Of course there should be stricter regs on for private fake universities. This problem of stagnation, of inequality, and of loss of hope is complex and should be addressed on multiple fronts.
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I would add one more political point - Friedman had a side industry of hawking books that if you had some form of capitalism DemocrY as inevitable. Ask China how that worked out. Or Vietnam, or half the Middle East. Or Hungary.
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Blindly adducing that the right won the argument and obliquely insulting Krugman is childish and not an argument. The right have made arguments about inflation for the past 5 years and been proved wrong. Austerity has been proved disastrous. If you're going to make an argument, make one. Show charts, graphs. You sound like an amateur. Oh, and Galbraith's son has WAY more influence than a nobody like you.
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Feb 18, 2014