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Hitomi Tiponi
Recent Activity supporting XP is not obsolete as long as a fair proportion of the SL user base continue to use it.
My comment about Hamlet was rather tongue in cheek. But, unlike products like Google Glass, Occulus Rift is not a game changer - it requires a level of kit and a degree of social isolation most will not stomach. It's successors may be successful, but let's not forget that 10 years ago people were saying VR suits were the future.
I would love to try this but it won't accept my credit card unlike every other company I deal with. Intriguingly my credit card company rang me up to report a suspicious transaction from them as they tried to make a 0.00 deduction (again something normal companies don't do).
Thanks for the tip-off. Went there today and picked up a lovely Sailor Moon dress that looks great.
Puzzlingly it is not available in Germany - odd given the number of Germans in SL, and yet it is available in the countries surrounding that country. At least the pricing is now realistic.
Thanks to Iris for a good review, and to Adeon for another real situation test. And maybe Adeon's figures highlight something that is difficult for us to know - just how much hardware is OnLive throwing at this? For the bloggers test I imagine each one would have no trouble getting entirely dedicated hardware for themselves. When you get two people sharing the resources of a top-end GPU (as maybe Adeon's test found out) the frame rate must slow quite a bit. You could say that OnLive will then throw more hardware at it - but will they unless the service shows it will make them more money to do that? I am hoping that OnLive's test figures suggested that it would cost them more to run this service than it does when real users who just want to visit their island and go shopping, rather than load testing it, use it. We all know the prices have to come down. For me they have to come down to a dollar a hour, or 30 dollars a month to make it interesting. But I am also thinking of buying a decent gaming computer instead, so if prices don't drop soon I won't be bothering with it at all, at any price.
@Desmond and Dont Get Hairy: Ebbe did this because it was an easy, popular and important 'quick win' for both Lindens and their customers without any technical and legal consequencies. Hopefully he will look at the content creator clauses issue again - but I know I always fix easy stuff if I can while working on harder, more important stuff... and I'm sure Linden Lab's CEO will do the same.
Anyone who gives up waiting for the viewer to install is certainly going to give up while they are wating for textures to load, or working out how to do things. The people who leave SL because an install takes too long wouldn't be long in SL.
I believe that Ebbe's comment about Jira is referring to comments he has made elsewhere about opening up more access to it.
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Feb 26, 2014