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Ellen Coulson
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Hopefully all liars will be prosecuted even if they have not claimed against the Estate. Some lies are so easy to prove!
You forget Bebe - didn't she sell story! Yes got photo wrong but why was Dr Fiona M Scott-Johnston Jones cavorting with JS in a bikini anyway? If he had not adopted her don't think Social Services would have allowed him to take her home from Duncroft and there is that infamous bio she sent out. At some point she was saying she had inherited his title! How many e-mail addresses have we got for her - I can find 3 immediately!
An ex Duncroft girl who was there in 1972 told me that she knew in 2007 that they (Fiona et al) were going to do this!
Strange Fiona claims she was still in touch with Jimmy in 1979 - how did she stay in contact with him? Another negation of the abuse claims.
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Feb 28, 2014