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Interests: bubonic plague, walking dead, excommunication, animal trials and priests behaving badly
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Superb video. You, amigos, not only popularize vital historical knowledge, but make Britain Great!
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2014 on How To Be A Hedgehog at Medieval manuscripts blog
I am very disappointed by the bellicose nature of these horses. I hoped they were giving each other a hug and saying "Look at these two! Humans, eh? Always willing to smash each other's head. Could have gone for a pint instead..." But then it would have been Rochester Bestiality, I think. Or is it bestiality only when a knight becomes rather amorous towards his horse (instead of smashing an opponent)?
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2014 on My Kingdom for a Horse at Medieval manuscripts blog
I have always been disappointed that nothing worthy happened around my birthday. It is so rewarding to know that Hell was created just a coupla days later, thank you, dears, for warming my heart so much! Also, it is strangely reassuring and aesthetically pleasing to see so many depictions of naked people suffering horrendous pains and meeting their sticky ends in a big gaping hole of Hell. The fate of the lecherous woman's buttocks is a timely reminder to us all, as well (to pay the tax and do something about our ISAs, for example)
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Feb 28, 2014