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Just remember, kids, always put 'Inspired by' in your title or just hide the direct reference in keywords to avoid those pesky wasteland lawyers.
Thanks for showing this, it looks awesome. I played Oblivion, and didn't really feel like 'going back' a step to play Morrowind, but if they can get the world made, and then get some quests made, then I will try this out for sure.
Did he get permission from Disney to use their intellectual property during the commercial promotion of his product?
Can anybody say what educational purposes the sims mentioned above served? Now, take your students to a place like Keyhole Club, that's real education!
Good luck with that! When some people charge 1000L and above for a one-avatar picture, and others take 5000L+ for lessons, I don't see them offering any tips here, although there are some very kind people out there, so who knows? Some come across as very helpful, saying just ask if you need any help, but then when you actually push them for the details, they clam up real tight!
19 seconds matters? Don't make me laugh. As many have said above, if they can't wait 19 extra seconds for install, they are not going to cope with the realities of SL. Including, but not limited to: - textures downloading while you stand in a world made all of grey. - teleporting from club to club looking for somewhere where you might actually find a single lonely soul to talk to. - when you found someone, 19 seconds is much shorter than it sometimes takes for them to reply to whatever you said to them, because they: have 5 IMs already going at the same time; went to feed their dog/cat without telling you; went to the toilet without telling you; are having sex in another IM while they are hedging their bets you might be the next on the list; they didn't even notice your IM because they are new too; they are ingoring you because they don't care for your nooby skin. But what do we know. We only USE THE DAMN THING.
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Mar 1, 2014