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Silly Pep. Any interaction between people is a relationship. The medium of the interaction makes no difference. As far as falling in love in SL that would depend on the individuals. Problems arise when each party to a relationship views the relationship differently. Much like in RL.
I was joking with a friend a couple of weeks ago that these boots must be sold by a linden alt or linden girlfriend.
Phil's avatar here doesn't approach uncanny valley creepy. It's just bad avatar creepy.
It works great on my Nook HD tablet. I tried it on my computer and it worked well but the computer is new and runs SL well anyway so I won't be changing my viewer for my everyday SL.
Adeon, if you read her article you can see this wasn't just her opinion of the OR but her opinion based on research. She certainly has enough data backing her up to call for more research.
"It's under-statistical, there is no statistically significant Sample Size N in that." This isn't a sample its the entire set of information. A sample is when you look at a small percentage of a group or set of information and project out to the entire set from that. This is the all of regions in SL so there has been a real 1/4 or one percent rise in the number of SL private regions. That's a small number and a short term so might or might not indicate the beginning of a trend. I've seen more traffic and had more rentals on my single region and traffic at several RP estates I go too seems to be increasing. One of those estates has just added a region because of demand for rentals. If things are still heading up in six months then we have a trend.
LL fixed the grandfathered region prices several years ago by making the grandfathered price non-transferable. There are no new ones and when their gone their gone forever. You would have to be pretty petty to begrudge someone who has been in SL for that long having a grandfathered region. The Atlas program is just a quantity discount. Most businesses have quantity discounts, that's just good customer service. The grocery store pays less per can of Coca Cola than I do when I buy one. That's because their buying it by the pallet or even truck load. That's normal. Most businesses don't highlight their bulk sales prices in advertising to the general public either. If they did someone would demand that price for the single item they buy which would be ridiculous.
I can relate to fighting with SS over disability. I have MRI's and xrays along with letters from half a dozen doctors and surgeons who have treated me and still I had to fight for well over 3 years before finally winning my last appeal to an Administrative Judge. They did everything to try and deny disability. The doctor they sent me too was a joke and was just trying to find any reason to deny me. Good luck Munchflower.
You're wrong Hairy. If it was a Buyer's market then SL would see a mass exodus not the trickle away we've seen for several years which is starting to reverse. I hope they keep something simpler than the Jira to report bugs. The Jira is great for those who have some basic knowledge but for the average SL user it's cumbersome and complicated.
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Mar 2, 2014