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Ilsa Hesse
Sanssouci del Mar, Gabara
Interests: Second life, History, Politics, Science Fiction.
Recent Activity
I dont mind the eternal oldbie, right up till they tell me something like "wow, your avatar is pretty. want to go sit on the pose balls?" and you look at their avatar and its the basic av that they came in world with... O.O
easy advice. dont price yourself out of the market. bring back the education/non profit discount.
maybe its a bit of the winter weather... after a few months of being cooped up inside everyone wants to go to the beach?
Hamlet, I am a raging SL addict and I would not pay 3 dollars an hour to play. I most times keep my av logged in all night. If my computer died (knock on wood) I would go to an internet cafe and just load it on the machine... for the same price I could get a better viewer on a better computer. I have an iPad and I use it for SL, but I see no reason to use it for anything but just random "is anyone on" checks.
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Mar 5, 2014