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Since only a few countries have large lithium reserves (mainly Chile, China, Australia, Argentina), we have an enormous incentive to develop this technology.
The only fully developed and absolutely effective carbon capture and sequestration technology I've seen in the years I've been watching our ecosystem get trashed by industrialization and fossil fuel consumption is biochar. All it takes is to make it is to pyrolize crop residue or other cellulosic crop like switchgrass into bio-oil, leaving behind charcoal and ash. These would be tilled back into the soil or simply spread over it in no-till operations. The ash puts minerals back into topsoil and charcoal builds a perennial sponge to hold water in the soil. Unlike humus, the charcoal doesn't break down and emit methane. It stays around for centuries. The bio-oil can be refined into fuel or fine chemicals.
CaO also does a very good job of scavenging water from biodiesel. As far as using food crops and causing deforestation goes, I'm with Henry Gibson. We're losing way too much tropical forest and the species which live in it to palm oil plantations. Right now, most US-produced BD comes from soy oil, which is largely a byproduct of processing soy to make animal feed. BD production adds some value to soy crops, but it isn't the main driver and I don't think anybody is growing soy strictly as an oil crop. Most of that crop is Roundup-Ready GMO soy, which is bad on many levels. Since raising livestock in modern confined feeding operations is GHG-intensive, not eating most industrially-farmed meat, poultry, eggs and dairy would go a lot farther toward reducing CO2 and other GHG than running machines on BD. I'm cautiously optimistic about using algae oil. If we can do that safely and sustainably, I could see replacing some significant portion of petrodiesel with BD or other catalyzed lipid-to-HC liquid fuel.
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Mar 8, 2014