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Judge Posner have you been following the latest in the Paul de Man controversy? As a student of literature I thought you might be interested. First there was a book review in the Chronicle of Higher Ed. on a new biography of the former Nazi collaborator. There have since been to vicious attacks on Evelyn Barish the former University Professor who wrote the biography, now retired. The first is by SUSAN RUBIN SULEIMAN and the second by the renowned Professor: Peter Brooks Not content with a single hatchet job of a review the NY Times published a puff piece supposedly explaining the book from Professor Barish's point of view but which is actually another attack on her integrity and competence if not sanity: here is Brooks in the NY York Review of books: Brooks and Suleiman are professors of literature and as colleagues of Paul de Man and fellow deconstructionists have a stake in the book they were asked to review. The whole incident is very offensive, just how so one must read these self-serving reviews. They attacked a fellow professor of literature questioning her right to write about the life of de Man, con artist and quondam anti-Semite and Nazi collaborator. I would be very interested in your reaction to these attacks on Professor Barish from the point of view of a Judge who has also written about the relation of literature and law.
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Mar 11, 2014