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Sarah Farris
South Carolina
Seriously, Sarah?
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If you hadn't said that you knitted it, I would have never known--it looks so professional! I love it. So beautiful. Now, next fall/winter, you'll always get to think about your work when you wear it! It looks great for staying warm at work, casual on the weekends, and curling up at home!
That first picture is so beautiful! I'm glad you got to spend so much time with your family, especially your brother! I can't imagine having two homes that are so far apart.
I'm so relieved that the actual meaning of Christmas is falling in love with a hot guy who used to be nerdy that I could never see myself with, but only after leaving/getting dumped by a horrible guy who had everything come easily to him. I thought that was only in Hallmark movies :) Hehehe
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I tried Pin Count and Share Tally, but neither one was remotely accurate based on when I actually go into pinterest and see all of the pins (also see all the traffic from pinterest), etc. It basically said that I had zero or fewer than 4 shares across each platform, when I've seen on specific facebook post be shared 400+ times. Kind of weird...
Someone just tweeted this out and I'm so glad! I posted in a Facebook group about an hour ago about this very thing. Everything I found on Google about using affiliate links didn't seem pertinent to my blog. I do a ton of book reviews and round ups of what I've read in the last month. My problem is that I've had 400 clicks in less than a week and no sales. Do you have any tips on conversion? The only thing that I can think is that books can be borrowed at a library. I could understand if I only did really long lists of books, but I publish individual reviews, which people read! My traffic is siginificantly smaller than your's, though. Typically 5,000 views a month, but a good/slightly viral post can bump me up to 15,000 occasionally.
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I super love it! You did a great job!
That sounds so relaxing! Boomer looks relaxed, too. Even with all of those toys! Our dogs only ever want to play with the same toy, so we gave them one to fight (playfully) over on Christmas Eve, another on Christmas morning, and now I still pull a new one out of the stocking each time they are boring me. I depend on them for entertainment!
I love those!!! The moist heat (compared to electric heating pads) is so much better for my dystonic muscles. I have one, but I should probably make a few more, so I can heat one while one is already hot!
*Applause!* That looks fantastic! You definitely put a lot of hard work into that!I love the tag on it!!!!! Too cute.
I am pretty much only a fiction reader. I definitely liked Big Little Lies and The Brothers K has been on my "to-read" list for a long time. I adored the beginning of The Signature of All Things, but then I just couldn't really enjoy the end. I thought it was well written and the setting was beautiful, but some of the weird stuff, was well... weird. I thought it detracted from a great novel. I had not heard of The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P or First Impressions, but I just put both of them (and The Brothers K) on hold at the library! (My library is not well stocked, so I have to wait on them to borrow them from other counties around the state). I just got into the Dublin Murder Squad series this summer, so I've been waiting for a few weeks now for The Secret Place to come in at the library--I happened to opt for the audio version of that one! I am really glad you put together this list! I'll probably have to read more of them, too :)
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I can't believe you made that! It looks amazing. I bought sweaters for my dogs, but they ended up pulling threads out of each other's sweaters while they were playing. Sometimes I would find one dog sweaterless or only half dressed. I hope Boomer takes good care of that sweater!
I have heard great things about the marathon/half/race in Disney World! I need to get some new shoes, too! My arches need so much support, but, like you, I hate spending the money on them!
That sounds so scary! I am glad that Boomer is getting better. I don't know what I would do if I heard one of my dogs screaming! It's heart breaking to think about.
Challenges don't work for me, either. No more dietbets for me. I stop losing weight whenever I start going out to eat!
Those are beautiful photographs! You take the coolest trips!
This is one of the best posts that I've ever read on the subject. Thank you so much for writing intelligently and from a place of knowledge and understanding.
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I took a picture of that when I drove by it on my way to Greenville the other night!
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Those look amazing! I love quinoa and I'm in a food rut, too!
I love those goals! Coming close to accomplishing all of them is really impressive. I'm with you about doing things not on the list that I didn't think about. I made my 101 in 1001, which was fun, but there are some that I know that I won't achieve, yet others major events that I never thought I would have the opportunity to do.
Good thing he's cute!
Toggle Commented Jul 9, 2014 on The dog ate my knitting! at SnapShots & WhatNots
I had NO idea that there was a Veronica Mars book! I was dying for the movie to come out. I'm probably going to have to start reading it as soon as possible. You've made my today and tomorrow!
Toggle Commented Jul 1, 2014 on What I'm Into (June 2014 Edition) at Leigh Kramer
I was in Columbia on Saturday and almost went to the Riverwalk, but we didn't have time. I desperately want to go tubing down there! Your pictures are great, as usual!
Toggle Commented Jun 24, 2014 on Finding a new path at SnapShots & WhatNots
I am so sorry! I hope you hear something soon. I don't know how you live so far away. You're very brave!
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2014 on Far from home at SnapShots & WhatNots
That's going to be so pretty. I really admire your dedication! I really intend to make a simple scarf this fall. I started one in college, but I never finished it.
1. Those flowers are beautiful! 2. Boomer is adorable. 3. I hope you have a great trip to Ireland! Before all the neck trouble (which now means no alcohol), I loved Jameson and ginger ale! Total go-to!
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2014 on Here and now: life lately at SnapShots & WhatNots