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It sounds like Philip hasn't learned from his compete FAIL to institute identity validation with LL. Pep (Different company, same bullshit - you can't validate identity online, certainly not globally.)
"Philip Rosedale's New Virtual World to Launch With Facebook Integration "Out of the Box" Pep (FIFY!)
FB buying Oculus is like all those Detroit gas-guzzler makers buying up electric car innovators. Purchase and park. Pep (Oh, and LL has now been moved to the back of the Rift development queue.) PS Wait a couple of years and you should be able to buy the headset operation for a pittance, stripped of all its patents of course.
As is evident from the real life photos and videos of "official" SL get togethers, the overwhelming majority of enthusiastic SL user is the overweight and homely (I'm being litotic) peri-menopausal female and their geek male equivalent. Are you surprised that LL is targeting these people - who want to be virtual Taylor Swifts or Vin Diesels? Real life attractive people don't need a fantasy glam. Pep (the problem LL has is that there is no obvious place to advertise to losers on the 'net) PS Except Facebook and Twitter . . .
Stick to your knitting! That applies to both Yoz AND LL. Yoz seems to be yet another of those techie types who thinks because he can write a line or ten of code that he understands business. He has admitted he has spent the last six years keeping his head down and mouth shut, drawing a salary without knowing what it was he was supposed to be contributing to the business. And it got canned. Right . . . And LL has fairly conclusively demonstrated that, in the medium term, it isn't even very good at doing the thing that it's supposed to be good at, so why should it diversify into things that it doesn't know if it's good at, or even worse, that it doesn't know whether there exists a market. Pep (thinks they should focus on getting SL right, and employing some competent marketers to sell the aspects of it that prospective clients are willing to pay for.)
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Mar 20, 2014