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dedicated to detail
Interests: anything, unusual, arcane, beautiful, strange
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As ever THANK YOU - your blog my drug of choice liz - montreal
Hilarious! Superbly done!
Toggle Commented Feb 10, 2016 on Medieval Library Rules at Medieval manuscripts blog
Terrific stuff! Prepping talk on LOVE with as much silly stuff as I can locate....the exploding eyes sound just the ticket!
That was a great post...fascinating. Thanks
Wishing you all the best wherever life is now taking you...and a massive thank you for your always interesting, amusing and intriguing posts. Loads of fun and it was your posts that "turned me" into a passionate fan of MSS. Thanks for that. Liz........
Toggle Commented Jan 12, 2016 on Until We Meet Again at Medieval manuscripts blog
St Omer Hours....great grotesques, especially if clarification as to why they are there! And is there anywhere a Dies Mal????
It's his way of signalling a left turn.
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2015 on Caption Competition 4 at Medieval manuscripts blog
Thank you British Library! The digitised mss are gifts...I hope this post reaches a far wider audience than those who follow this blog.
"Yes it DOES make a lot of noise but it's ever so useful! See, right there? At the bottom? It's a JUICER!"
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2015 on Caption Competition 2 at Medieval manuscripts blog
WONDERFUL re illumination descriptions! Thanks for that liz - montreal
In which direction does one 'read' Malay?
Excellent! Congrats.
Fabulous - look forward to digitised version!
Am actually stunned at your allowing photography so liberally. Admiration total. THANK YOU!
I wondered if dog were a lamb...but it IS a shows up later again. Watch out for it.
Just to say thank you....always in awe of the ability to quite literally 'flip through' manuscripts, zoom in on details, see things that even the human eye unaided would probably not see, things that would probably be impossible with the original in hand. Again awesome. All that thanks to what you do. AndTHANK YOU
The 'carriage' is not a gig which are two wheelers...this is a high perch and you will see loads of similar images.
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2015 on Mouse-skin eyebrows. at English and Drama blog
See f162V for trompe l'oeil of a flower pinned to the page...very hoefnagel. Also the decorated planter pot that appears about 3-4 times. Sorry didn't note f numbers. Never seen that before.
Thank you! That fireplace scene seems to appear and appear looking so very similar to others, very like what's in Huth...even to the little grey pussycat on the hearth...but clearly by someone who does not realise that in real life she would be much much closer to the fire! Thanks Sarah Happy New Year
Aw - can we have some glorious Nativity scenes? That lovely one in the Huth Hours with the magi???
The faces within the elaborated captials are fascinating, especially that on 35r...a portrait cartoon of Henry himself? NOT very complimentary.
Fabulous! Must get CD and what a great backstory.
A shame Dec is so gory. But what on earth is going to take the place of Huth Hours in 2015? THAT is going to be a real challenge! Thanks as ever, Sarah, for your wonderful posts and Happy Christmas.
You should remind people that the design behind your header comes from Lindisfarne...stunning stuff!
St Cuthberts Gospel????
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2014 on Guess the Manuscript XV at Medieval manuscripts blog