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I understand this post is a few years old, which means you're now 7, 8 years into your social work career? May I ask you something - have you ever felt burn-out, considering the nature of your job? At which point in your career (into what number of years) did you feel such, if you did? What do you do to prevent burn-out? Am I right to say it is very real? Thanks for sharing... :)
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"It is not so much our past that makes us who we are, but our current perceptions of our past that affect how we function in the present." I like that last sentence A LOT. :)
Am currently reading a book that has a good tip on getting children to listen to the parent: "Don't sweat the small stuff. If you constantly nag and pick at your kids about every little thing, they'll quickly tune you out. Save your energy for the important things - if you do, then they'll be more likely to listen and heed your words." Again, common sense isn't it...:)
Interesting that most of it is common sense yet why does it become glaringly so only when it's on print? I hate to be AND be seen as a nagger, yet I still do it - only sometimes, I hope! From my experience sometimes it's laziness that makes me as a parent forget to use common sense. I've learnt to force myself to stop and think first - to be mindful and aware that I DO NOT WANT to nag, etc - before I articulate the instructions to the kids. Parenting is SO HARD! :)
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Apr 11, 2014