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Cn you even believe these events actually were Trump supporters and not the creation of the Bernie HQ people looking to create an conversational event and generate traffic.what happens in Vegas stays in vegas what happens in SL never really happened..
I don't know if its a good idea to offer VR and oculus rift to non white young men just more stuff besides iphones will get stolen
I laughed at President Obamas embrace of the science of climate change and the COP 21 agreements. Let's just say if climate change was was LAG how the hell do you say you agree with the science of it and then place freebies,free sex and welcome griefers(although there I guess are some good ones) and encourage younger higher avatar creators with multiple accounts all on the same sim!
Maybe its complete with a turbine windmill to generate undistributable energy to sell to England, you could say its like England paying Scots for two thousand tickets for a SL sim party and you know how that would turn out, maybe RFL and the ACA will host a benefit to erect a lockerbie bomber memorial.maybe theres a new petition by the self promoting Aberdeen old rock chick,venue hustler wannabe writer Suzanne Kelly to ban Trump from his own virtual mansion as long as it makes traffic for them no harm done parliment won't vote on it,they dare not after all the terrorist attacks the world its self keeps proving Trump right.The liberals are probably best keep in a virtual playground in a sandbox where their inept and destructive policys can be cleaned every few hours.
Some stuff doesn't look good made from Mesh for instance rustic buildings. Mesh looks as if everything is made from vinyl siding.
The trick to mass market may not prove so much the platforms but the glue that integrates useful devices. My desk is not really enhanced by the printer sitting there but it is useful and cannot be replaced for certain situations. With 3D printing becoming less expensive many people will find augmented reality much better for interacting and viewing 3d objects before producing them then a myopic immersive possibly more difficult to calibrate and synchronize immersive platfom may be..
All those top placed locations in destinations guide promoting tribute bands and selling fashion most likely "inspired" from real life designers with no shortage of creative photographers visiting them and posting to flickr will become more selective...LOL
For all the talk about using Sl as a educational platform in the time I've spent in SL I can't say I saw much justification for this. For the most part it appeared it was used as a place for the educational community to meet and talk about what a wonderful educational environment SL was or could be but but little evidence there were any sims that were built that could impress a classroom of kids that are exposed to video games on a daily basis with better graphics and performance.Most of the educators I've met didn't possess the skills themselves to build, came without a budget to hire or thought they could just learn it as they went along and without clear objectives or a clear vision of what was to be accomplished.
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Apr 18, 2014