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Maria Sudermann
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Hi! These are really cool-looking prego-jeans :) I'm not sure if someone already mentioned it, but Liz from cotton+curls got lots of maternity clothes DIYs, that are easy to sew and look pretty stylish!
Did you save some money in the end? I mean $400 for customized vinyl.. Wouldn't it cost less to buy colored fridge? Anyway, it looks GORGEOUS! I wanted to paint my appliances for ages, but I'm a broke student so I guess I'll have to wait a bit :D
Oh thank you for this! I once cut my waist-long hair into a pixie - my hairdresser was crying :D My hair grew back way too quickly. Three years later I don't know if I want to do it again or enjoy my long hair a little longer. And I still can't gather a courage to dye my hair pink! I wanted it since high school - weren't allowed to back then and now I'm afraid to ruin healthy hair for a couple weeks fun. But in the end you are right - it grows back and fades out. So I guess I'll try it son :)
I love love love your kitchen! The countertop and the ceiling especially :) The problem with the opening door might be a pretty easy fix actually. Have you tried loosening hinges a bit? It might be something else of course, but from experience - that's probably just hinges screwed on too tightly. Please continue sharing little home changes updates, that's my favourite thing :)
Toggle Commented May 7, 2016 on Room Tour: Emma's Kitchen at A Beautiful Mess
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Apr 25, 2014