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Joe Wentrup
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Jet Streams and ice shield guaranteed climate stability in the northern hemisphere. Wonder where's the tipping point of the jet streams. When will they collapse? There were those strange events this winter, with above zero temperatures at the north pole ... And I remember scientists found fossile rests of palm trees in Greenland from a time with similar CO2 concentration in the atmosphere as today.
Toggle Commented Jun 2, 2016 on Crisis in the Cryosphere at Arctic Sea Ice
In the last two days there's happening something strange with the NSIDC and Cryosphere Today data. Anybody knows what's happening there? To me it looks like a satellite glitch.
Toggle Commented Apr 10, 2016 on Beaufort under early pressure at Arctic Sea Ice
I opt for A. To create awareness you have to be in the media - and recent arctic records have always been measured and have raised attention in terms of "first year in history".
Toggle Commented Mar 5, 2016 on Consensus and consequences at Arctic Sea Ice
I'm intrigued with the Beaufort Sea. With the thin ice melting away the embedded chunks of MYI are becoming increasingly surrounded by water. This way the shoreline of the Beaufort ice is becoming almost infinite. It will be interesting how that influences the melting process there.
Toggle Commented Jul 17, 2015 on Junction June 2015 at Arctic Sea Ice
While the east Siberian Arctic stayed pretty cold, there is that long crack opening up at the New Siberian Islands and the latest images show thinning ice around Wrangel Island - the area that is supposed to have thickened most on the PIOMAS graph! Also, the PIONAS Daily Arctic Ice Volume graph is showing a strong accelerating trend this year. Just following this trend, 2015 could end below 2013 in September. Not a new record, but a strong confirmation of the over all development in the Arctic.
Toggle Commented Jun 4, 2015 on PIOMAS June 2015 at Arctic Sea Ice
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May 5, 2014