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Heck there are plenty more variables in the process than even the ones you mention here. You could be talking to someone who isn't even the decision-maker in the process and you've already wasted your time. Just like you mentioned, you shouldn't assume and you shouldn't force. You need to be your potential buyers' consultant and help them find the right solution through making informed decisions. You help inform them, you help point them in the right direction, and you help facilitate their decision and transfer into the new purchase. If you aren't thinking and working this way, you're losing a lot of sales and long-term customers. Brad Hodson JobNimbus,
El mejoramiento del CRM desde adentro es tan importante y si abarca mucho terreno (incluyendo la cultura, la disposición, los resultados observados, etc). Pero si, no puedo negar el hecho de que CRM en general se tiene que mejorar en cuanto a su facilidad de uso diario. Demasiados CRM son difíciles de aprender y usar. Esto puedo matar la adopción del software. Por eso les ha ido mejor a los nuevos CRM como Nimble, Insightly, y JobNimbus que han hecho grandes esfuerzos en mejorar el aburrimiento y la rutina de CRM.
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A good CRM solution is more than a contact info bucket. Excel can do that for free (but not very well). It not only holds all relevant information, but it breathes life into it in order to help move your business forward along with you. It serves as part of your team to help find opportunities and keep track of everything in order to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Brad Hodson JobNimbus,
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May 27, 2014