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David Crow
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Hey, Great scripts! These really have come in handy and saved us a bunch of time. I did, however notice a couple of things. It looks like the "Page File Percent Usage" in the Citrix Generic Performance Sensor is not correct. The "Select CurrentUsage from Win32_PageFileUsage" returns a number in MBytes, not a percentage. Most of our citrix servers have a 4GB file so I changed it a bit. From this: $XMLOutput += Set-PrtgResult "Page File Percent Usage" $SystemPagefileCurrentUsage "Percent" -ShowChart To This: $XMLOutput += Set-PrtgResult "Page File Mb Usage" $SystemPagefileCurrentUsage "Mb" -ShowChart -MaxWarn 3277 -WarnMsg "Page File Usage High" -MaxError 3687 -ErrorMsg "Page File Usage Critical" I also noticed that the SystemPercentDiskTime has a warning message that doesn't match. $XMLOutput += Set-PrtgResult "Disk Time (Percent)" $SystemPercentDiskTime "Percent" -ShowChart -MaxWarn 40 -WarnMsg "High Page File usage" I change it to "-WarnMsg "Disk is very busy"
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May 28, 2014