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Did Jordan Merson saw a malpractice lawsuit on the horizon and decided to keep himself busy with other cases to reduce further damages? This is a potentially big case that could get him on all major TV networks and put his names in a news cycle. Lawyers for a plaintiff do need to contact the defendants, no matter what they hear about their whereabouts. Unless they wanted the letter to be hand delivered and didn’t want to use a certified mail. Another explanation could be that they frantically negotiating a settlement with Longhitano begging him to withdraw his response and promising to drop the case against him.
In today’s WSJ article, Waterbury was quoted as saying the following: “And you’re telling me that it happened off-hours, so you literally do not care about me, not even as a student or one of your employees, but as a person?” she says of NYCB. Why does she insists on misrepresenting her relationship to NYCB? Was this interview conducted a long time ago when Waterbury and her attorney weren’t expecting the defendants to file a “Motion to dismiss” in which her inaccuracies would be uncovered?
The sloppiness of writing and failure to verify some basic facts came back to bite Mr. Jordan Merson. Among numerous denials of alleged facts there were only few admissions by NYCB. And one of those admitted facts was this: Yes, it is true that George Balanchine and Lincoln Kirsten founded both the school and the company.
The site of Hungarian Opera is not well organized but it is still possible to find the page showing DQ cast in NYC. By the way, Tsvirko will partner another Bolshoi dancer Diana Kosyreva. Here is the link:
Igor Tsvirko, the former soloist of the Bolshoi Ballet, has recently joined the Hungarian National Ballet and will appear with them on tour in NYC. I wish I could be there to see him but the dates overlap with the Mikhailovsky’s visit to Costa Mesa.
That’s two great news—1) Skylar might be cast as Gamzatti and 2) Copeland doesn’t dance Nikiya. I was under the impression that Copeland’s dances all major roles—Kitri, Giselle, O/O, Juliet and Nikiya. I stopped paying attention to her repertoire because it was getting grotesque. It is good to know that Nikiya is actually not on this list.
Skylar is such an elegant dancer. The way she moves reminds of the great Marrinsky ballerina Olesya Novikova. I am hoping she will be one of the Nikiyas in July when ABT brings La Bayadere to Los Angeles. The opening night will definitely go to Copeland. And Boylston never misses the opportunity to visit California. So the hope is rather slim. I wonder who coaches Copeland and whether she seeks outside coaching? In her interviews she mentioned taking classes at Steps on Boradway and studying acting but I never heard of her practicing with a ballet pedagogue.
There was a short article in Pointe Magazine last January about Boylston and Polunin filming Red Sparrow in Budapest. It specifically mentioned that Boylston was rehearsing as a dance double for Lawrence. I can’t believe somebody would try to pull this hoax of Lawerence having mastered ballet in just four months when there already is some publicity about Boylston’s involvement in the movie.
I wonder if this is Veronika on the poster for Nutcracker at the Space Coast Ballet Company in Melbourne, FL? Company’s AD is former Mariinsky soloist Artem Yachmennikov which would explain a connection.
Hopefully you can make it out of NYC without a delay. Costa Mesa, on the other hand, has ideal weather conditions--sunshine and a pleasant 70 degrees.
One of Russian-speaking ballet websites reports that Svetlana Zakharova and Edvin Revazov of the Hamburg Ballet will star in the broadcast performance of the "Lady".
It is just a matter of time when guest artists stop being a cash cow (although it's questionable how much money they really bring in) and become a liability for ABT. Recently, Ivan Vasiliev pulled out of his highly anticipated debut in "Mayerling" with theh Stanislavsky Theater just a couple of days before the performance. He cited his injured knee as a reason but went on to dance Ivan in "Ivan the Terrible" with the Bolshoi. The Stanislavsky didn't hold back its displeasure. To help Vasiliev rehearse the role, they hired a coach from ROH for £5,500 and agreed to pay Vasiliev $8,500 for the performance. But apparently the Bolshoi outbid them. Links to Stanislavsky's announcement of Vasiliev's withdrawal: ROH coach fees: Vasiliev's salary:
This is perfection to the core. Next time Stella dances Giselle I'll fly in no matter how remote that place might be. I hope my saying this doesn't jinx the possibility of her getting this role at ABT.
I am wondering what has prompted the ABT to finally remove Smirnova's name from the cast.
ABT website still shows Olga Smirnova to dance in La Bayedere on June 5. Last week on the Russian ballet forum someone with ties to the Bolshoi reported seeing her on crutches. Does McKenzie believe in miracles? Does he think that a month and half is enough time to go from crutches to dancing a full-length ballet?
Osipova is still slotted to appear in Giselle along with Polunin on April 10 and 11 at La Scala. These performances are less than two weeks apart from those she cancelled at RB. And apparently she's been rehearsing with him in London for the past week. I hope RB management is taking a note of it.
There are a lot of folks out there who go wild when they see a ballerina throw her leg behind her ear or whip lightning fast fouettes out of sync with the music. I actually feel bad for Golding. Being paired with the superstar” of RB seems to put a lot of pressure on him. He looked much more relaxed and natural when he danced with his girlfriend, Anna Tsygankova, at DNB.
I found both Osipova and Golding unbearable to watch in SL. She is too athletic, an inelegant and unmusical dancer overall, with puppet-like hands, broad feet and strangely shaped legs. Not suitable for tutu roles. And Golding needs acting lessons. His smirks look awkward. Here is a short clip from Black Swan Grand PDD:
Very revealing article. I found it so strange that any dancer or choreographer who worked with Paloma, Xiomara and Julie shared their thoughts either in an email or a phone conversation but McKenzie's feedback came in the form of a formal statement. I think we should stay tuned for more dramatic developments.
So pleased to hear Stella was invited to dance this role. If only she could perform it in NYC! I'd get there in a heart beat. But alas, instead of beautiful Stella McKenzie is bringing his favorite guest artist who is better suited to perform parody ballets.