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Ford US Sales down 12% in October, no wonder they delayed their sales numbers. What is happening with Ford as a whole??!! GM US Sales are flat and they cut back huge on low profit fleet and rentals. Ford better shutdown all their factories for a few months to cut inventory.
The manufacturer makes next to nothing on fleet and rentals but it makes overall sales figures look good. GM still sells the most total trucks month after month even after cutting back on give away fleet and rentals. GM is destroying Ford on the retail end, you all forget to say how much Ford discounts their trucks to fleet and rentals. Ford is also advertising over $11k off, so that is on par with everyone else.
You do realize Ford is going even heavier into Fleet and rentals which have huge rebates right? GM is getting away from rentals and fleets and focusing more on the retail end which now they can have more rebates since they aren't giving them away to fleets.
@ Scott Your link is to 2015 lol, showing how bad Ford did!! Look up 2014. Funny how GM is cutting way back on Fleet and rentals and Ford is increasing in that area , just to get those high sales numbers good job!!
F Series sales are back to what they were in 2014, they were down huge in 2015 so this is nothing spectacular.
@ Scott- F Series sales have to be up huge in June because June 2015 was a horrible month for F series. You guys always forget how bad f series sales were last year so of course the percentage will look good since last year was so bad for Ford.
@Beebe Actually the shake is not widespread. A widespread problem is the ecobusts with carbon issues, tranny issues, and fuel mileage not even close to what Ford "says" No problems with Fords are ever written about on this website, and the few times they are they are played down. Its so pro Ford its not even funny.
Weird, no mention of the rash of issues on the new F-150?? Door alignment, wind noise, tranny issues, etc etc. Proves this site is sponsored by Ford like always!!
I don't see how a 1.5% increase ytd is good with the wonder can truck and massive rebates on the outgoing SD...
@GOM You left out GM earnings which blew Ford out of the water in the third quarter. You also left out that Ford's earning were below estimates.
Pretty funny to see people say "not another recall" or "we bailed them out" but when a Ford is recalled those fan boys say how good it is that they recalled it etc. Get over it, every manufacturer has recalls, it a fix that they have found a problem with. This is a tiny amount of vehicles affected, unlike every ecobust engine that was recalled... I haven't heard old Chucky boy talking about 3rd quarter earnings?? That must be because GM destroyed it with their 3rd quarter earnings and Chucky never likes good GM news...
@Scott So you're saying the hood takes as much abuse as the bed?? Hmm you haul dirt bikes, rocks, plywood, etc on the hood?? The hood gets door dings etc?? Again, you're analysis makes zero sense, which would make sense because you're a Ford Fan Boy. It ok, GM will just keep selling the most trucks. GM has the widest and most appealing truck portfolio by far, giving the consumer the biggest variety of truck offerings, with the best real world performance, fuel economy, resale value, and reliability. Probably the reason they are selling the most...
@Scott Haha so you did your own test and know it to be right. I bet anything you don't have a 2015 GM. GM has been absolutely crushing Ford in truck sales. People must not be believing the Ford propaganda and have finally realized a V-8 is better in the real world than the buzzy V-6 EcoTurds, and that Aluminum does nothing but increase overall cost. News Flash, the horrid Door alignment issues have not been resolved on the new F150's. Go keep drinking your Kool Aide
@ Scott Prove the more flimsy statement... Again go push on the rear fender of each and get back to me. 2015 vs 2015. The hood is aluminum because that is an area of a truck that doesn't take much abuse. The areas of the truck with the most abuse are the fenders, box, and cab. GM is not going full out aluminum like Ford, they are going with more parts that will be aluminum. Has Ford fixed the horrible issue of door alignment on the aluminum trucks yet???
@Scott Please elaborate on your statement of paper thin flimsy steel panels. Go push on the aluminum fender of a new f150, they are so flimsy its not even funny. Aluminum needs to be thicker to be the same strength as steel. Going to Aluminum has only hurt Ford's sales. Ford once touted the switch to aluminum was for fuel economy but that ended up being a total flop. So now they market towards payload etc. The marketing scheme for Ford "Military Grade Aluminum" is a total joke too. Ford sure trys to pour the kooalide down gullable Ford fan boys throats...
The EPA needs to take a look at all the Ecoboost motors, they smoke black horribly on cold start up and from a stop. The tailpipes are blacker than any diesel since 2005... While they are at it, they should test them for real world fuel mileage.
@Chucky You also never mention how much Ford sells to fleets which buy trucks based on the cheapest price... I wouldn't brag too much for selling to lowest bidder fleets...
@ Chucky You forgot to add midsize, o darn.... Ford loses
Ford has tried another brand of trucks, Lincoln and it didn't work, so all the Ford boys never want to admit GM as a company that is destroying Ford in truck sales. Its ok, keep drinking that Ford kool aide thinking and narrowing down overall truck sales to make a "brand" look good when in reality GM is selling the most trucks by a huge margin.
@ Chucky The GM Company Destroys the Ford Company in truck sales, ouch!!
GM selling the most truck of any Vehicle Manufacturer by a huge margin!! GM is a vehicle manufacturer just like Ford. GM is destroying Ford in overall truck sales. Those that say GM is not a brand, nothing matters except for the total for each company. GM vs Ford. Go try to buy a stock in Chevy... F Series had a horrible month in Sept 2014 so comparing this Sept to last they had to go up. Also throwing huge rebates on a newly designed truck...
Actually Ford offered 0% for 72 months in August on the 2015 F-150 and every vehicle actually. Was a huge marketing and advertising scheme, I'm sure everyone saw it on tv. This was in an effort to prop up dismal sales... Still pretty funny the new F-150 is selling so poorly even with the mass amount of inventory stacked on every lot... Ford is advertising $14k off Super Dutys right now, can't give away the wet noodle frames. Funny how after 6 years of Ford boys saying the frame is just fine now the new Super Duty will have a fully boxed and all the Ford boys are praising it LOL
So they are finally going to use a fully boxed frame?? Only 6 years late. Where are all the Ford fan boys that said a fully boxed frame was no good?? hmmm
@ Scott Actually GM has never had 0% for 72 months on their new truck until this year and that has only been Chevy for the first 10 days of the past 3 months. Throwing 0% for 72 months on a new model in its first year is desperation mode to move units. Please show me when GM had 0% for 72 months on their new model truck last year. Also, Canyon and Colorado have ZERO REBATES and are the fastest moving vehicles in North America. Factory output is the only thing holding back sales since the factory is maxed at 120,000 total units per year, which is exactly what they are selling. The new F-150 on the other hand has huge incentives for a first year model and there are hundreds on each lot.