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The social cybervirtues segment immediately made me think of video games, especially the kind of online competitive multiplayer videogames I generally play (as you know!). Street Fighter V practically "forcibly censors" almost all forms of communication with your opponents (by barely allowing any, beyond a few meagre forms of self-expression) and this fact has been criticised recently for it's lack of any community feeling. On the other hand, maybe that's a good thing, as an acquaintance of mine recently wrote about the game-design elements that cause MOBAs (Lane-pushers to me, ;-) ) to become so frequently toxic My own recent thought about this too was about how these types of team competitive games could actually try to encourage you to play with your friendship group in actual pre-arranged teams, rather than relying on random stranger cyborgs on the internet to act in an agreeable manner ( Hope you don't mind these tangential videogame related nuggets :-)
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2017 on What is Cybervirtue? at Only a Game
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Incredible post Chris. I find this depressingly accurate in all ways. I try and support the stubborn individuality types that do makes games that support my needs, and thankfully there's still a few AAA titles that do and haven't completely become 'money farms', even if they all show signs of moving in that direction of course.
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Hey! Still read most of your stuff via G+ (as I think you know ^_^) but I'm generally too busy to post or write myself these days. New job is far less stress yet also less downtime for such activities - and my personal life has always been too full for much in the way of content creation for many years! I like this metagame though :-)
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