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Jack Monahan
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Only a Game was a fairly essential part of my own design (and philosophical) education for a long time. It was a rare prompt for a lot of critical thought, thoughtful dialogues about many things--Chris, you brought so much more to the table than the same stale echo chambers (which only seem to have contracted with the advent of "social media" ?) talking about games. This is site (along with Chris' book) were advancing ideas about modeling different playstyles/player preferences so far ahead of their time. It feels like the industry is only just realizing that not only women, but all sorts of other people would love to play games, if only they were invited to. I was blogging and commenting on this site in a sort of lull in my own career, and now I am still working on my own games, and am now married with a three month old son. So a lot of the same old internet habits have fallen by the wayside, but there's no malice there. Happy anniversary, Chris!
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Jun 19, 2014