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Timji, This is Robin (aka Bad Robin) from the Tulum training in February and the Spokane workshop in May. So much has happened since I last saw you. My ex-husband, my son's father, was killed in a climbing accident on June 19. He died at 10:45 in the morning -- his climbing partner Dave witnessed the fall, tried to save him, but was unable. Dave is shattered, as are we all, especially our son. The night of his death I was practicing the Hanuman Chaleesa, and I was so moved, tears were streaming down my face. I had no idea he had died -- I didn't hear it until the next afternoon. It was such a moment of grace. And Krisha Das singing, "Calling out to hungry hearts, all across endless time, you who hunger, you who thirst, I offer you this heart of mine." It felt as if someone was speaking to me. If you hadn't had us sing the Chaleesa every night during that week in Mexico, I wouldn't have paid attention, wouldn't have finally opened up to its beauty. So, thank you for that. And for so much more of course. But that for now. With great respect and love, Robin
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Jul 3, 2014