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Jason Powers
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I expect quite a stir in my chart. Asc at 16-40Aries, Chiron 17-15 Aries; Sat at 17 Gemini; Sun at 13 Leo; Merc at 16-45 Leo (retro); and Uranus at 15 Libra. 12/1st, 2nd/3rd, 5th, 6th/7th should be in play. Pretty much don't know what will pop. Have an interview that. ;) Always insightful, never dull.
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Nice tribute to Sue Moon. 1600 days. Often, I feel the presence of the future to come. I wish you best success publishing your next ebook.
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Yep this sounds pretty big for me: Sun 14 Leo, Mercury 17 Leo, Sat 17 Gem, Uranus 16 Aries, Chiron 17 Aries. Splash in Ascendant at 17 Aries, things have been I turn 42. Always great stuff Robert!
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Oh how busy I'll be in 2106! At first, I thought it could be a typo. Here's to hoping the shift in energies successfully helps all. The world will turn obviously, and pain still will exist, but the cycles you reiterate frequently can be quite good, one hopes. Happy 4th!, Robert. You always write insightful pieces. No doubt in touch with Divine Mother.
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Jul 6, 2014