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This article covers the likely deciding element for the Phillies and their NL East rivals to capture the divisional pennant if the present situation continues in a competitive division: top to bottom. Continue reading
Firstly, thanks for reading. Like you, I wasn't surprised by his current success, but many fans would consider it a surprise.
This article covers that the Phillies health and effectiveness will determine their direction ahead at the trading deadline, but some fans are giving the team until June 30 to prove they are contenders. Continue reading
Thanks for the compliment and the comment, Jim. But I only stated what I expected in 2021 from Eflin and Velasquez. I never said I accepted their rotation for the last 10 years. I only said that 4 aces is a once-in-a-lifetime luxury, and that they didn't have 4 aces in their 2 championships. As for the rebuild, the pitching they received are referred to as lottery tickets for obvious reasons. I made no comment on them or their other pitching from 2012 through 2020. No team likes to rebuild which is why they always do it as a last resort. Other clubs don't part with potential aces even for a Cole Hamels. Management expected one pitcher would be a mid-rotation piece and hopefully a second arm would be a five. Of course, the only way to find out is by letting them all pitch. I don't accept or reject what they're doing. My articles are my opinion of what they did, are doing, or could do. But if something really stinks like the hitting coach under Gabe, I'll point out how a one-size-fits-all approach has hurt certain hitters.
Sorry, Randy. I got your name mixed up with the other commentor.
Thanks, firstly, for reading Jim. It sounds like you're referring to the bullpen. Well, the reason they're relievers is not maintaining location for 6 innings or more. Changing pitching coaches isn't a cure-all. And coaches get fired when their charges are a total failure, not having a rough patch. Even the best relievers have location issues with few exceptions.
Firstly, thanks for reading. In 2011, having four aces was a once-in-a-lifetime luxury. Besides, the Phils didn't have four aces in 1980 and 2008. But 2011 was the best record in franchise history with 102 wins, and they didn't win a playoff series. Before the year is over, Eflin could be a 2 and Velasquez could be a 4. Neither will probably be an ace. Do yourself a favor or you'll be disappointed unnecessarily. Again, thanks for reading.
This article covers National and American League closers the Phillies might consider if their team is out of contention by June’s end, but most will not be available or affordable with dollars or prospects. Continue reading
This article covers the four possibilities the Phillies have for the bottom two rungs of the starting rotation, and the key determining factors are health, effectiveness, and readiness. Continue reading
Hey, Jim. Firstly, I don't write to convince anyone of anything. On the east coast, that's basically Mission Impossible. Comparing Coonrod's numbers to Hector's isn't workable. Neris pitches high-leverage innings (a lot of one-run games), and Coonrod did it twice. If Coonrod is closer material, why did SF trade him? Their closer is Jake McGee, 35.5, who closed at 82 percent in 2014 and 79 percent in 2016: his best years. And 2016 was his last season as a closer. Besides Chapman, Britton, and Hader, other closers are around 80 percent and can hang a breaking ball or toss a center-cut fastball at any time. Actually, Alvarado would make you more nervous because he could have a four-walk BS. Brogdon has to handle the seventh inning before even thinking about the eighth. Me, I expect Hector to blow 2 saves every 10 games because he's not going to have his best stuff every game.
This article covers the potential in-house arms to replace Hector Neris as the Phillies closer and compares Neris to elite closers, current and retired. Continue reading
This article covers the prediction changes from Opening Day to May 1, and it also shows how the Phillies divisional rivals compare with them in the NL: rotations, bullpens, and offense. Continue reading
Firstly, thanks for reading. Your comments indicate your problem is with my assessment of how management views Herrera's situation with the team. In fact, I wrote earlier in spring training that Herrera was the likely center fielder, but he was hitting at the time. By no means is he out of the picture. Center field is not a settled issue. Galvis was traded in his last year before free agency, and that is common in the MLB. The Phils didn't re-sign Hernandez and Franco because their arbitration amounts were double their market value. Hernandez's arb # was $11.7 million, but CLV signed him for $6.25 million, and they only offered him $5 million as a free agent. Franco's arb # was $6.7 million, but KC signed him for $2.95 million. But BAL only offered him $0.8 million. If there was any bias, it was the color green. But, again, thanks for reading.
This article covers the starters some Phillies fans preferred over the two offseason acquisitions on one-year contracts by the front office. Continue reading
This article projects two Phillies for two up-for-grabs roles: one in the relief corps and the other in the outfield could be career-defining opportunities. Continue reading
Thanks, again, for reading. Yeah, that memory is so vivid I can even remember the face of the guy next to us who tried to barehand the ball, and that was 62 years ago.
This Phillies article covers the nearly equivalent view to the one from home plate at a 100-mph fastball, and how it changes the dynamics of evaluating a major league hitter. Continue reading
This article covers overlooked elements of the National League East competition indicating the Phillies are closer to the top of the division than national sites are predicting. Continue reading
This article covers predictions for the National League East by national sites, and the pluses and minuses of the Phillies and their rivals. Continue reading
Hey, Jim. The only minor leaguers that matter are those on the 40-man roster. And the bottom rungs have 2-3 southpaws, but Falter isn't among the organization's top 30 prospects. Basically, there's no reason for a deep dive into each because the situation and info are fluid. In fact, OF Simon Muzziotti hasn't arrived in camp due to visa problems, so they put him on the restricted list to open a slot. It shows one piece of info no writer had or saw coming. It's kind of like Area 51: you can only get so close. For some info, you have to be in the room. Ergo, an employee.
This Phillies article covers how final personnel decisions are complex and difficult to accurately predict with only 90 percent of available and decipherable information. Continue reading
Thanks, firstly, for reading, Jerry. Unfortunately, fans also expect a prince in the clubhouse.
Thanks for reading, Ryan. Under the current situation, the MiLB schedule will be a month behind, and Stott hit in the .270s in Low-A ball. Besides, Didi re-upped for two years at $14 million per season after hitting in the .280s last year, Basically, if they though Stott would be ready for 2022, they wouldn't have re-signed Didi. The Phillies are in win-now mode, and productive veterans will get the nod over unproven youngsters.
Firstly, thanks for reading, Mac. Granted, he's given you many reasons to sour on him. However, his 2015 CF defense is debatable because he was a Rule 5 rookie and a 2B who had roughly two weeks of spring training in CF. Ergo, he was learning CF on the fly at the MLB level, and I'm taking a big leap that that isn't an easy task. If it's any consolation, he will be booed frequently in most home at-bats and for any mistake, perceived or real. Philly was rough on Del Ennis, Dick Allen, and Mike Schmidt. But Herrera will probably outdo Scott Rolen in the venom department. Again, thanks for reading.
This article covers the surprise candidate --who was visible to me in February-- and the five-man competition for the Phillies center field job, which might continue into May or beyond. Continue reading