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This article covers the Phillies acquisitions besides JT Realmuto and Didi Gregorius, and it compares the costs to other rotation and bullpen pieces signed during the offseason. Continue reading
This article covers an in-depth view of the Phillies relief corps, their roles, and the competition from in-house candidates plus the non-roster invitees who will probably make the team. Continue reading
Again, thanks for reading. The rotation will need all seven starters and Hale as a long man because Anderson, Vinnie and Spencer will be extremely limited innings-wise. In fact, Vinnie and Spencer may have to pitch long relief also. Paxton wants more than $11 million, JBJ wants more than a four-year deal. The Phils have $8.2 million AAV remaining, how far past that is going all-in? And how much more should they spend at the trading deadline?
This article covers the seven starters the Phillies will rely on to handle the 162-game workload and hopeful expectations for their innings limit after a 60-contest season. Continue reading
Thanks, firstly, for reading. Some teams are selling off players or are inactive. NYY is staying below the $210 million CBT for the entire year. The Phils are within $11 million of the $210 million CBT. But if a decent reliever is available in the next 1-3 weeks, it's possible they will add $2-4 million in commitments. Also, if they have a real postseason shot, they may increase spending up to $225-230 million AAV. So, the spending may not be done for this season.
Firstly, thanks for reading. While it's true that pitchers back in the day fired 300 innings, it's also true many pitched through injuries and pain. But the ones who couldn't handle that weren't considered to be studs. And others pitched until they couldn't. Starter Jim Wright --a top-tier Phillies prospect-- pitched until a bone in his throwing arm broke in half and protruded through his skin. Therefore, he kept going way past time to go on the injured list. Also, today's pitchers make big bucks and are insured up to 75 percent, and premiums go up according to payouts.
This article covers five available relief pitchers the Phillies may have interest in if they decide to sign a free agent to a one-year contract. Continue reading
This article covers the left-side hitters with 20-homer power and starters the Phillies might have in mind before spring training to complete 2021’s roster construction. Continue reading
Sorry, for the delay, Jim. My old brain isn't what it use to be. If you meant for a $6 million starter, it's a yes and a no. I wrote the article because fans made comments that those other hurlers were better choices than Sanchez. But Anibal at $6 million would have allowed more money elsewhere like Archie Bradley did. But money is always involved in every decision. Again, thanks for reading.
Firstly, thanks for reading. An innings-eating starter has a 4.50 ERA or lower, averages 6 frames per outing, and gives his team a chance to win. For instance, a four-slot hurler will have between a 4.00 and a 4.25 ERA.
This article covers the starters the Phillies could sign to be the four-slot hurler and an innings-eater as spring training draws near. Continue reading
This article covers the Phillies financial situation and spending possibilities for 2021’s squad including the desire to field 2020’s lineup again with pitching help. Continue reading
This article covers the Phillies strategy for offense and defense during an unusual offseason after 2020’s abbreviated campaign and before the 2021 season. Continue reading
By Tal Venada, Sports Talk Philly Contributor Beginning with what Philadelphia Phillies fans know: Dave Dombrowski, president of baseball operations, has added the first new piece to the 2-3 relievers still here. But those who want JT Realmuto, a starter and eight relievers are disappointment-bound. Bright spot: They will have... Continue reading
Thanks, again, for reading. Well, I'm having difficulty seeing your point because you state they have no real money. But they should acquire Lindor and Carrasco and re-sign JT for a total of $52 million in 2021. And Carrasco would still be owed $12 million for 2022. Plus sign JBJ ($8 million per) or Springer ($25 million per) for 2 and 5 years respectively. And sign Hand for $7 million per for 2-3 years.. That's another $15-32 million for a total of $67-84 million from no real --real-- money. And the Phils would exceed the CBT by $6-23 million and have to pay a level 1 or 2 penalty? Did you believe no other team could beat that offer to CLV? You pay all these other players but only guarantee JT $20 million, so why would he accept that if the offer is an insult? Do you believe the Phils would sign 2 of the top 4 free agents with no real money?
Firstly, thanks for reading. No, but I didn't know him as a player.
Thanks. And thanks for reading. However, I didn't predict anything. My articles are my opinion of what the Phillies did, are doing, or will do. My earlier pieces noted the Mets would sign McCann and not wait for JT, and that was long before they did. If there was another team chasing JT, I would write that. I'm not assuming they will re-sign JT or ink JBJ, but I study all 30 front offices and these are the moves TOR, NYY, CHC and NYM are making, while they bid against the Phils or their competition for two players. Could there be surprises? Yes. There are many teams waiting until offseason's end for bargains besides rebuilding clubs. I only say what the strategy is. Will it succeed? Maybe.
This article covers the Phillies competition for JT Realmuto and Jackie Bradley Jr., plus it details the factors and obstacles facing those teams. Continue reading
Many thanks. And thanks for reading.
This article covers the early offseason clues provided by Phillies president Andy MacPhail about the 2021 Fightins’ plans regarding free agency: what, when, and why. Continue reading
Again, thanks for reading, Jim. Like Girardi, he affects who is on the field and when. His greatest strength is proven talent evaluation, And he'll probably have time to acquire some pieces because the season may not begin until May.
This article illustrates the origin of trade and signing rumors from their source, through their amplification, and to multiple fan bases, plus it covers many early Phillies rumors. Continue reading
Thanks, Baron. Basically, the Phils may not have to overpay to re-sign JT.
Well, Angelo, you don't sound too high on those four. One is a never-was, another is an injury away from oblivion, a third is a head case, and the last one hasn't played in almost two years. If you think that of them, why should the Tribe be interested?
Firstly, thanks for reading. How do you feel about De Los Santos, Quinn, Herrera, and Velasquez?