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From MLBTR: The Phillies had the best Friday of any team in the draft,’s Jim Callis writes. With the first pick of Day Two, they grabbed Cole Stobbe, a Trevor Story-like shortstop who Callis thinks was the best position player who was signable and who made it through Day One. Callis also lists the Giants, Indians, Cardinals and Athletics as teams who did well on Day Two.
If Amaro made those first two picks, he'd be blasted but good.
Phanatic, The lineup card had Rupp and Howard, but neither are in the lineup. Usually, those Facebook and Twitter upcoming lineup cards are right, not this time though.
Rupp is catching tonight according to the lineup, which also has Howard at first against a lefty. But Joseph is getting the start instead.
Hope Joseph can improve his fielding. He recently had a ball go through his legs leading to four unearned runs. He hasn't played much at first base. This could give Tommy some lefties to hit, while Ruf finds his stroke. They could each get a taste of a promotion for one and a demotion for the other.
The winning is only a surprise if you look at 2015 as a whole. not in equal parts. That stated, the one-run games will even out.
The troll posts like The Truth Injection.
Bonehead, I'm sorry I offended you by asking you a question. It won't happen again.
Bonehead, What would you do with Asche when he returns in about three weeks? The above link is for "Red Alert: Maximizing the Phillies Odubel Herrera."
Bonehead, They keep Oberholtzer in the 'pen after his uninspiring performance, they put Morgan in the rotation (it was Vinny's job to lose in ST), and they return Garcia to AAA because he was the guy who said he didn't want the closer's job in ST. That puts him at the back of the line. Ergo, if someone sucks, he can be on the active 25. The above link is for "Storyline: April’s Expectations for the Phillies." The above link is for "Storyline:GM’s Final Decisions for the Phillies." The above link for an outside-the-box preview is here: "Philadelphia Phillies 2016 Preview: 3 Up and 3 Down." The above link is for "Storyline Revisited: The “What Is a Phillie” Answer. The above link is for "Storyline: How the Phillies Will Win." The above link is for "Storyline: Frenchy 3.0 on the Phillies." The above link is for "Storyline: The Next Utley on the Phillies." The above link is for "Storyline: Flight from Last Place, Phillies?" The above link is for "Storyline: Klentak’s Plan for the Phillies." Above link is for "Storyline: Acquiring Future Phillies." Above link is for "Storyline: Rebuilding Costs for the Phillies."
Happy Thanksgiving to all. Above link is for "Storyline Revisited: Rumor Has It, Phillies Fans." Above link's last post is for "Red Alert: Discovering a Phillies Southpaw."