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I see something very good - a reasonable conservative who can argue, or comment, very intelligently. Voting is a good way to effect change, I think I hear you say. Voting by the populace to vote in representatives who will represent us well, I gather. May I make a comment? You suggest that democrats are for "preserving the big-government status quo" while conservatives want to effect change. Show me a president who has actually made government smaller overall, any republican in the past twenty or thirty years. Or even earnestly tried. (Reagan never made government smaller, not in California, not the federal government.) Like it or not, the military counts as part of our budget of government, and that is always made larger - possibly by both parties - definitely by conservatives. I'd personally like to see more money invested in training forces in "peace-keeping" - real peace-keeping skills, different from warfare. And far, far less in drones, for example. As for "big government" -- do you mean feeding the hungry, tending to the sick and those who need medical insurance and care is bloated government? In other words, social programs? I don't know what you personally think, but I know that there are many conservatives who feel that we can't afford them. I see that as sadly misplaced values, and misunderstanding the economy. It is like saying, "I cant afford to spend money on my infected leg or eat breakfast and lunch - I just have got to go to work." A country can't be a successful country that way, and one cannot be a successful person that way. If you really believe we can't afford it, there is a bridge you can buy, really cheap. So in the sense that the dems want everyone fed, housed, with proper medical care, including mental health care - that is forward progress as we see it. We can't wait until everyone has a job before that happens. In fact, there is never going to be a time when everyone has a job - we all know that. Equal opportunity - is that just hype? Affordable education? Those in the older generation who say they worked their way through school and such should be glad they lived in a time when that was possible...And back to my first point, why is it ideal to make government smaller when our country is growing larger, when we are having more natural disasters...why should a growing country have a shrinking government? Does that make sense? What makes sense to me is that a well-equipped government can efficiently watch business and curb excesses, while a small, poorly equipped government is a lousy watchdog and can't "mind the store..." - hence what happened when our stock markets took a terrific dive and big businesses were being bailed out years ago. Still, some came out, if not smelling like roses, doing well financially, and the upper class is more "upper" than ever. (I know I cannot discuss this as well as you can. I admit this is not a focused essay. It is a number of responses to your point.)
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Jul 19, 2014