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Stories like this tend to make me a bit disappointed; seeing local groups not work with, or unable to work with, their governmental agencies. NORTA is a public agency with a publicly available commission, meetings, and planning programs. The report gives a sense that its purpose is solely to discredit the agency and start over. Clearly, there hasn't been coordination between the non-profit and NORTA with the report. NORTA uses are very data driven strategy for service improvements. To compare 2012 with 2004 does not do a good job detailing the large differences between the NOLA of then and now. 2012 is also two years ago, the NORTA system is continuously evolving still and there are a number of service improvements slated for later 2014. It's important for groups like Ride New Orleans to engage in the process and impact the outcomes. I personally give the transit agency a TON of credit for the work they have done to restore service and create new infrastructure for the city. The report pretends too much of the city is back to normal and that things to match 1:1 again. That just seems too simplistic of an analysis to me.
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Jul 28, 2014