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You are right in assuming that my slaying is not figurative. It is actual sensing of gods, knowing them as much as is needed to kill them. Thus it belongs more to the realm of historical magic and occultism than philosophy. It is also not iconoclasm - I do not mind their dead representations. Every belief is a lie, since it is based on trust in another and is an attempt to veil the eyes that are needed to see the truth. In my book there is no freedom to lie - and those that are being lied to have actually lost their freedom when they are deceived. Nietzsche talks about the state of man that has been freed from god but not from other orders of beings and is thus flawed in respect to the truth. Atheism in its present form is completely unscientific, as much as was the catholic church when it burned Bruno and tortured Galileo. Its like saying if we look away then maybe it will disappear - while it is true, it limits your vision. I found your site by searching for philosophy in Stargate. I rather liked your premisses but disliked their conclusions. So I wrote.
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Thanks for your reply, but I see you are not very intimate with either Nietzsche nor Buddhism. Nietzsche only proclaimed that god is dead; and the god he meant was that of christianity. This god died about 300 years before his "bold" proclamation, just before Renaissance began, before the protestant schism that shook Europe. He did not advocate finding, knowing nor killing of other gods that still existed. Buddhism only rejects gods, sees them with half closed eyes for blasphemous (in the sense of reviling; criminal is not strong enough word) beings they are and devises many ways to avoid their influence, pinnacle of which is the Tibetan book of the dead. It does not, however, actively suggest their slaughter, although this is the only way to free their poisoned slaves for good. Dennet I do not know. Hindus just replace one god for another - if you meant their Shiva.
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The real value of Stargate philosophy is in its insistence on killing all gods, however powerful (or potent) they might seem. In the process they are normed as not gods at all - but these are only words. Whats important is actually seeing the gods (not believing in them), knowing their weaknesses and ultimately slaying them. There is no such brave philosophy existent in the writings of religions (religio - harness that enslaves men) , philosophy or occultism. The ladder of the killing spree starts with goauld, old egyptian and other gods termed politheistic, and continues on to ascended, (maybe the demiurges of gnosticism, like YHVH, for there are many worlds). Pity they did not go all the way and find the "one" god, only to find him out to be the tyrant and enslaver, as all of them. In self I trust! The gods I bust!
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Aug 24, 2014