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So what matters is not whether a fetus is a potential person, but an actual human being.
Elliot: Thank you for your response. I follow David Oderberg in not being overly impressed by the "personhood" line of thinking of the moral status of a human being. As Oderberg attempts to show, introducing "person" as a moral category on top of simply "human being", seems both arbitrary and superfluous. So what gives right to life should be grounded in one's essence, namely that of being an individual of the human species. Of course, human beings are persons as well, but that seems to explain nothing of one's moral status. BV: Looking forward to it!
Actually, Harman address your above objection in this 1999 paper on page 320: "Third objection: "According to the Actual Future Principle, you just can't lose! If you abort, then it turns out that the fetus you aborted was that kind of thing it's okay to abort. If you don't abort, then it turns out that the fetus was the kind of thing it's not okay to abort." However, she goes pretty far in just admitting that she cherry-picks whatever principle that would allow her to argue for the conclusion that abortion is permissible without any justification. That seems dishonest, to say the least.
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Aug 28, 2014